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Six Foodie Things To Try Before the End of the Year

Listen up people! It’s December in a couple of days ! You heard me! DECEMBER! When did that happen? I demand a recount (on so many levels).

Honestly, it seemed like just yesterday we were sweating through July and praying for less daylight and cooler temperatures.

I’ve just realised there is a whole bunch I promised myself I would do but of stuff I just haven’t done this year:

  1. Revisiting the ABBA Museum
  2. Buying a new car (to be fair I have been saying that since 2012)
  3. Discovering a cure for Man Flu
  4. Finding a consistent supply of Mochi icecream in my vicinity
  5. Making Stretchy Pants acceptable office wear
  6. Single handedly eliminating the Matcha/Nutella/Lotus is My Everything craze

But there’s still time! With a month left until the end of the year, I’ve decided to keep my remaining ambitions short, savory and foodie-themed. So here’s my list of all things tasty I am excited about and you should be trying before the end of the year:

  1. Breakfast Obsessions

It took some time for Doha to wake up to breakfast all day as a concept (breakfast…see what I did there?). But both Eggspectations Qatar and the newly minted Breakfast Club (review to come) are serving up more than eggs over easy all day every day. Worth getting out of bed for in my opinion.

2. Theme Nights and Brunches

I’m not one of life’s joiners, but I do love the occasional theme. And it seems that Doha has gone “Theme Crazy” since the summer months. Whether it’s the Superhero Brunch at Ritz Carlton Doha or the daily line up of theme nights at the excellent and underrated Seasonal Tastes at the Westin Doha on any given night or day you will find something. Other standouts include the Thai Market style brunch at Grand Hyatt Doha and the winter friendly Bohemian Nights every Sunday at Intercontinental Doha and finally Curry Nights at W Doha’s Spice Market. Wine and cheese fiends should also head to Prime at Intercontinental Doha The City for their weekly dairy fuelled blow out.

curry doha love food blog
Curry in a hurry at W Doha

3. Gin O’Clock

Of course there had to be an alcohol option here! Doha it seems has gone gin crazy and I for one love it. Early adopters in the craze was W Doha with their Gin O’Clock concept of bespoke cocktails and nibbles. Some places like Ritz Carlton’s Picnic Brunch set up their own pop-up gin bar with infused potions to try. Others have taken this and run with it, including Elements at Four Seasons Doha which has developed an enviable cocktail list using small batch gins including one infused with coconut. Yep. Try it then thank me. You can also sample their gin creations on their cocktail cart during brunch. You’re welcome (hic).

gin infusion life on the wedge food blog qatar
It’s gin o’clock somewhere!

4. Raising the Raw Bar

In the Doha dining scene, you have to adapt or be left behind. That’s why it’s great to see a relatively old school brand like St Regis Doha try something a little off beat. In a country that loves its steaks well done and its seafood left on the BBQ for a while, opening a raw seafood bar is daring. The menu includes oysters,, shellfish, caviar and sushi as well as cocktails and champagne. It’s at the high end of the “big night out” scale, but it’s well and truly on my list to try this month.

5. Paneer and Dear

I’m a hardcore Nandos Qatar fan and not much gets between me and my butterfly chicken. Except maybe…cheese. Nandos has launched a new vegetarian menu, catering to the diverse population here in Qatar. It includes lots of paneer, or Indian style white cheese including in their their trademark Espetata and in fresh and fun skewers with grilled watermelon. While I’m yet to buy into the quinoa salad they are also offering, there’s enough variety (and cheese) to keep me interested.

paneer cheese life on the wedge
Paneer and dear to my heart (photo courtesy of Nandos Qatar because mine are crap)

6. Lulu’s Expansion

Yes, I am that special kind of foodie nerd who gets excited by the opening of a supermarket. But the newest branch of Lulu Hypermarket’s expanding empire is opening before the end of the year in Messila. It promises the usual supermarket fare plus an excellent deli counter (yep…all the cheeses! All the meats! All the olives!) and an expansive section of international favorites (Vegemite!) and gluten free offerings. Catch you in the carpark!

So…there it is! A small and manageable list I am trying to conquer before the end of the year. But I’m still not giving up on my other ambitions for 2016…especially the Man Flu one.

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