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    Soy Into You – Review of Zengo’s Friday Brunch

    Honestly I haven’t had the best start to 2017. Things haven’t gone to plan, and given that I gave up planning things in late 2016, that should give you an indication of my current mind set. I needed to get out and about, drink a cocktail or three, eat some good food and talk some hard core nonsense. That’s how we ended up at Zengo for brunch last Friday.  Part of Richard Sandoval’s global culinary empire, it’s yet another of his Doha outlets following Toro Toro and Isla. I had been to the opening night and found the space stunning, the pan-Asian food interesting and the entire project brimming with potential. A fusion restaurant…

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    Six Foodie Things To Try Before the End of the Year

    Listen up people! It’s December in a couple of days ! You heard me! DECEMBER! When did that happen? I demand a recount (on so many levels). Honestly, it seemed like just yesterday we were sweating through July and praying for less daylight and cooler temperatures. I’ve just realised there is a whole bunch I promised myself I would do but of stuff I just haven’t done this year: Revisiting the ABBA Museum Buying a new car (to be fair I have been saying that since 2012) Discovering a cure for Man Flu Finding a consistent supply of Mochi icecream in my vicinity Making Stretchy Pants acceptable office wear Single handedly eliminating…

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    My Doha Dining Wish List

    Dreams do come true. ABBA is reforming (kinda). QDC now opens on a Friday. And someone built a 24 hour free wine fountain. So I have decided to put it all out there and share my Doha Dining Wish List. Feel free to laugh, cry or even add your own in the comments below. Open Table or similar  booking service – my recent trip to the US (blog post in the works) was made all that much better by this website and app. I managed to book excellent tables in the most sought after restaurants in DC and Philadelphia with barely a hitch. Imagine cutting out the middle woman and being able to do…

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    Rollin’ In the Deep – A Review of Cactus Senshi

    When I hear the phrase “fusion food” my eyebrows arch (as much as they can). Why can’t good food just be food? Why does it have to have a label? So it was with a certain degree of trepidation that I finally entered the brightly lit premises of the much hyped Cactus Senshi in Bin Mahmoud. This restaurant opened a couple of months ago to much fanfare and almost hysterical behavior by some bloggers and the media. I briefly attended their opening night, complete with giant cake and endless selfie opportunities. But left before the food was actually served. Since then I had heard mixed feedback about the food. So, I wanted…