• Lobster salad at Nobu Doha
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    On a Roll – a Look at Nobu Doha’s Second Anniversary Menu

    Thursday nights. My Waterloo. Me. The couch. There are very few things that will get me out of my stretchy pants. Even fewer things that will prize the TV remote and Netflix privileges out of my cold, dead hands. Except…an invite from Four Seasons Doha to try the second anniversary Omakase menu at Nobu Doha. That…that will do it. I mean, I even put on makeup! It was a bit of a bittersweet event though – one of the last times I would get to dine with my blogging and culinary partners in crime Sara and Gerald who are leaving me to fend for myself and each leaving Doha for exotic Asian climes. I’m bereft. But also…

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    Soy Into You – Review of Zengo’s Friday Brunch

    Honestly I haven’t had the best start to 2017. Things haven’t gone to plan, and given that I gave up planning things in late 2016, that should give you an indication of my current mind set. I needed to get out and about, drink a cocktail or three, eat some good food and talk some hard core nonsense. That’s how we ended up at Zengo for brunch last Friday.  Part of Richard Sandoval’s global culinary empire, it’s yet another of his Doha outlets following Toro Toro and Isla. I had been to the opening night and found the space stunning, the pan-Asian food interesting and the entire project brimming with potential. A fusion restaurant…

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    Rollin’ In the Deep – A Review of Cactus Senshi

    When I hear the phrase “fusion food” my eyebrows arch (as much as they can). Why can’t good food just be food? Why does it have to have a label? So it was with a certain degree of trepidation that I finally entered the brightly lit premises of the much hyped Cactus Senshi in Bin Mahmoud. This restaurant opened a couple of months ago to much fanfare and almost hysterical behavior by some bloggers and the media. I briefly attended their opening night, complete with giant cake and endless selfie opportunities. But left before the food was actually served. Since then I had heard mixed feedback about the food. So, I wanted…