• Your October Hit List - Where to Eat and Drink in Doha This Month

    The Best Doha Restaurant Dishes of 2019

    Compiling this list of best Doha restaurant dishes of 2019 was no easy feat. I ate widely and well this year. Fact is, 2019 was possibly one of the most interesting dining years I have had in all my time in Doha. New restaurants. New dishes and menus. Established places trying different things and pushing the boat out…. The Good There was genuinely a lot to love about the food scene this year – the opening of Qatar’s first Scandinavian restaurant Snoull, the quiet rise of the restaurants at the Mandarin Oriental, new homegrown concepts like Boho Social and BAO Doha taking risks and putting themselves out there. And the…

  • Seven places to dine outside in Doha this winter

    Seven Places in Doha to Dine Outdoors This Winter

    The weather is cooling – that means chances for swanning around outside and not end up bathed in a sheen of sweat are high. Doha winters make the summers almost bearable (and I will fight anyone who disagrees). Here are my 7 top places in Doha to dine outdoors this winter… catch you outside.. 1. Mykonos Doha It seems like Mykonos has been around forever and there is a good reason why its outside terrace is packed nightly in the cooler months. With a pool view and a bit of an island feel, the food is Greek staples like moussaka and grilled lamb, it’s hard to look past. Friday and…

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    La Mar, La Vista 55 and Maya – Doha’s 3 Hottest New Restaurants and Bars Reviewed

    It seems like they came all at once – a flurry of new restaurants and bars opening in Doha within days of each other after a long period of stagnation in the food scene. Always willing to put myself in the line of fire, I checked out Peruvian restaurant La Mar, Mexican offering Maya and Cuban joint La Vista 55 – all in the name of research – and there’s a lot to be excited about. Here’s my take on each of them, what to expect and what you should order: La Mar: I’m not going to lie, La Mar and its upstairs bar Manko are among the most exciting…

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    Seven New Restaurant Openings to Look Forward to in Qatar in Before the End of 2018

    With a slew of new restaurant openings it looks like the last quarter of 2018 is going to be one of the most interesting  and delicious Qatar foodies have seen. After the uncertainty of 2017, investment and creativity is flowing and food lovers have a lot to look forward to. Here’s a look at what’s opening in coming weeks and months and a peek at what we can look forward to in 2019. A word of caution about opening dates – as is always the case, they are fluid. But buckle up this should be a fun end of the year! La Mar Doha’s future dining has a distinctly Peruvian…

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    Your August Hit List – Where You Should Be Eating and Drinking in Doha This Month

    August is a tricky month – it’s neither here nor there. Some people are still away. Some restaurants are closed or reducing operations. And of course, there is Eid in the middle. But it warms my foodie heart to say the restaurants and cafes in Doha are still slapping on the lipstick and putting themselves out there for our judgement. Last month I talked up Claw BBQ Doha and the good news is that they are finally opening (August 2), so do yourself a favor and head down to the Corniche area for this fun restaurant. And a heads up, it looks like the 10 day dry period is back…

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    Eye Watering – Are We Being Ripped Off on Bottled Water in Qatar’s Restaurants?

    You walk into one of Doha’s many restaurants  with table service and what is generally one of the first questions you are asked? Would you like water? Still or sparkling? Without thinking, we order our preference (sparkling for me but I’m extra like that). but how many of us actually look at what that bottle, ordered without a second thought, adds to the bill? Recently I shared a meal in a restaurant in a five star hotel in Doha. When the bill came I did a double, then a triple take. Each of our dishes had come in around QR70 to QR75 each. Fair enough. The food was good. But…

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    Revisiting an Old Friend – Has Yum Yum at K108 Hotel Weathered the Test of Time?

    Back in the day (ok around five years ago), Yum Yum at K108 Hotel was the hottest dining ticket in town. With a sun-drenches dining room, views for days and a French chef turning out unique and sometimes challenging dishes. But Doha’s dining scene is one that is driven by fashion and fads – the chef left, other places opened and well, people moved on. But this place continued to deliver. I confess I was one of those diners who moved on to other more shiny objects. So I sheepishly returned recently to see how it was holding up. Sadly, the dining room was empty on our weekday lunch run.…

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    Your January 2018 Hit List – Where You Should be Eating This Month

    We did it. Made it to 2018 relatively unscathed. It seems my 2018 has started with breakneck speed – with new projects brewing, new opportunities, new travel plans. But with a new year also comes a new opportunity to try eating and drinking somewhere different in Qatar. Here’s my list of where you should be spending your hard earned dining riyals this month (and as usual, there’s a couple of surprises!). The Cheesecake Factory: Speaking of surprises – this one may shock the hard core foodies here. And believe me I was a skeptic – cosigning it to the same dubious dining schematic as fast food restaurants. But a recent…

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    Future State: New Qatar Restaurant Openings to Look Forward to in 2018

    It was the best of times…it was the…not so best of times. It’s fair to say that in dining terms, 2017 didn’t have the extreme wow factor of previous Doha dining years but we still had a lot to like. But 2018 beckons and it’s time to peruse what it has in store for foodies in Qatar – and the line-up looks solid. Walima: Mondrian Doha was one of the shining lights of 2017 – thanks to some inventive restaurants and attitude to match. Walima is their greatly anticipated Qatari restaurant and if the interiors are anything to go by, this will be a high watermark. Add in the stunning…