• Korean BBQ, the Top Doha Dining Trends of 2019 Revealed
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    Korean BBQ, Dynamite Shrimp and Saturday Brunch – the Top Doha Dining Trends of 2019 Revealed

    In Doha we love a food trend – both starting them and following them (sometimes a bit later than expected). Some a good. Some are bad. Some are downright infuriating. From Korean BBQ to Dynamite Shrimp and Saturday brunches here my takes on what I think a re are the top Doha dining trends of 2019: Korean Food The popularity of this cuisine, with its mix of salty, sweet and spicy, just keeps growing in Doha. Independent restaurant Maru, with its excellent Korean BBQ has set foodie pulses racing in recent months and is fast attaining cult status. And now, from the people who brought us the beloved Yee Hwa,…

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    Qatar Food Trends 2018 – the Good, the Bad and the…please just stop

    There is no doubt about it….Qatar loves a food trend. Remember when elaborate cupcakes popped up like wildflowers? Then cookies filled with all manner of sweet fillings…2018 is no different. Here’s my tongue-in-cheek look at the best and the…worst food trends of 2018. Peruvian Food: Yep, with the opening of La Mar and Manko, this  intriguing and addictive cuisine that is a mix of Japanese, Spanish, Chinese and South American – has Qatar’s foodies talking – and it’s all good. The Intercontinental Doha has taken the “go hard or go home” approach, putting serious cash behind it with a custom built venue, celebrity chef endorsement and frankly it has paid…

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    Trucking Good – Food Trucks Roll Into Qatar’s Food Scene

    It has been a long time coming…but the food truck movement has finally started rolling in Qatar. OK so they may not the the mobile trucks we are used to seeing on the streets of the US, UK and Australia, but they are a step in the right direction. While Burgeri (owned by Katara Hospitality) has been roving the country selling serviceable burgers, hotdogs and fries for a few years, the slow road started back in 2016 when the Ministry for Economy and Commerce indicated it would issue licences for mobile food vendors, giving a boost to the private sector. This came after a successful “Food Truck” section at the…

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    Nine Reasons You Should Be Taking Your Next International Flight on Qatar Airways

    Let me give you some (free) advice. Ignore what you are reading about Qatar at the moment. Regardless of what you think you know, it’s been exaggerated (and I should know, I used to be a journalist). Qatar is safe, peaceful and happens to have one of the world’s best airlines, Qatar Airways as its national carrier. I’ve been a customer of the airline for 10 years, exclusively for the past four years, and I can honestly say it’s in a realm of its own. So, with the Summer approaching, you should consider this airline for your next trip for the reasons for the following reasons: Free Stopover You heard me.…

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    Seven Essential Books for the Foodie and Traveler in All of Us

    It’s a little known fact that I am a voracious reader. How, you might ask, do I fit this in with my regimented schedule of Netflix viewing and Lifetime movie watching? It’s tough, believe me, especially now the new Post-Trumpian House of Cards has dropped  (and seriously, it’s brutal – “I will NOT yield!”). I will always make time for reading…and eating. My two great loves. With the summer months ahead, I thought I would take a short break from the restaurant scene for this post and share with you the seven essential food and travel reads for any foodie. Think of this like “Beach Reads for the Hardcore Foodie”. If you…

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    Seven Foodie Destinations to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

    I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this confession – but I choose my holiday destinations based on food. Beaches are nice. So are galleries. And yeah, I love a bit of shopping. But honestly, for me, it’s all about the food. I’m in the process of researching and booking my Summer vacation destinations (thank you Qatar for your long Government vacation allowances!). The criteria this year were: solid foodie credentials (of course), direct flights on Qatar Airways, minimum visa hassles and some cooler weather. So, southern hemisphere here I come – at this stage Sydney, Cape Town and Argentina are favorites (plus a few other short beach-related forays in between and…

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    Qatar International Food Festival – Your Five Must Eats

    I’m going to be honest with you and tell you something that I only admit after a few drinks at a (small dinner) party…I’m mildly agoraphobic. I don’t do big crowds (and I don’t do stairs but that’s another story). A while back I had a meltdown during a street food trawl in Mumbai. Lost power of speech and had to sit down. It wasn’t pretty. Which is why, the Qatar International Food Festival is a challenge for me. That said, I have a tried and true strategy – head in mid-afternoon, do a covert swoop, check out the set up and choose my must-eat places. There is a lot to love…

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    Something to Crow About – the Best Chinese New Menus in Doha

    Chinese New Year is always all color, movement and the best eats. And always SO much better than that January 1 business, which always sees me holed up on the couch watching fireworks rather than actually getting out and about. Chinese New Year menus often contain similar, traditional dishes or a chef’s interpretation of them. the theme is always around celebration, so you will find food with symbolism (good luck, prosperity) and also dishes with lots of color. The most common Chinese New Year foods includes dumplings, fish, spring rolls, and niangao (glutinous rice cakes). You will also find abalone (good fortune) and pomelo because it is thought to bring “continuous prosperity…

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    Future State – A Round-Up of New Doha Restaurants to Look Forward to in 2017

    So that escalated quickly. The year 2016 I mean. There I was, all fresh faced and excited on January 1 and now, here I am, bedraggled and bereft at the end of December. A lot happened in 2016 on the Qatar foodie scene. Some great,some not so great, and some a little bit of both. While it was a stellar year on the opening front, we have a lot to look forward to in 2017. Even Frommers has listed Doha as a top destination in 2017, citing its diverse dining scene as a reason. Here is my round-up of what I am excited about in 2017 (besides Netflix new schedule): The New Belgian Cafe I have…

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    Six Foodie Things To Try Before the End of the Year

    Listen up people! It’s December in a couple of days ! You heard me! DECEMBER! When did that happen? I demand a recount (on so many levels). Honestly, it seemed like just yesterday we were sweating through July and praying for less daylight and cooler temperatures. I’ve just realised there is a whole bunch I promised myself I would do but of stuff I just haven’t done this year: Revisiting the ABBA Museum Buying a new car (to be fair I have been saying that since 2012) Discovering a cure for Man Flu Finding a consistent supply of Mochi icecream in my vicinity Making Stretchy Pants acceptable office wear Single handedly eliminating…