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    Qatar International Food Festival 2018 – Seven Stalls You Need to Visit

    It’s March that means not only “March Madness”, but also the Qatar International Food Festival. I headed down there on the opening day to scope out the tastiest stalls and have my hit list for where you should be spending your hard earned cash. A quick couple of thoughts before I head into the “meat and potatoes” of this post. Although this is the biggest year in terms of stalls, I found the variety a little lacking. and uninspired. Maybe this will change as the week progresses, as the energy builds and more offerings pop up, but I felt it needed a little more oomph. I loved the “Farm to…

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    Qatar International Food Festival – Your Five Must Eats

    I’m going to be honest with you and tell you something that I only admit after a few drinks at a (small dinner) party…I’m mildly agoraphobic. I don’t do big crowds (and I don’t do stairs but that’s another story). A while back I had a meltdown during a street food trawl in Mumbai. Lost power of speech and had to sit down. It wasn’t pretty. Which is why, the Qatar International Food Festival is a challenge for me. That said, I have a tried and true strategy – head in mid-afternoon, do a covert swoop, check out the set up and choose my must-eat places. There is a lot to love…

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    Future State – A Round-Up of New Doha Restaurants to Look Forward to in 2017

    So that escalated quickly. The year 2016 I mean. There I was, all fresh faced and excited on January 1 and now, here I am, bedraggled and bereft at the end of December. A lot happened in 2016 on the Qatar foodie scene. Some great,some not so great, and some a little bit of both. While it was a stellar year on the opening front, we have a lot to look forward to in 2017. Even Frommers has listed Doha as a top destination in 2017, citing its diverse dining scene as a reason. Here is my round-up of what I am excited about in 2017 (besides Netflix new schedule): The New Belgian Cafe I have…

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    Four Simple Steps for Stylish (and Pocket Friendly) Festive Entertaining

    It’s been a long year and frankly I have been caught a little off guard by the speed and ferocity of the approach of the festive season. We’re staying in Doha this year, and on the weekend I had a mild panic about who, what, when, where and how. I managed to find the tree in the back of the wardrobe, dust off the ornaments and tinsel and put the whole thing together with a minimum of curse words. Presents have been ordered online and are being delivered at breakneck speed. After that I needed a lie down and a Netflix Gilmore Girls marathon (but basically that threw up more questions than…

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    How to Make the Perfect Festive Cheese Plate

    In my view, whatever the question, the answer is ALWAYS cheese. And, as the weather cools and the year draws to an end, ’tis the season to be…eating as much cheese as possible. Whether it’s catering to a big crowd of friends and family, or settling in to watch Netflix on a weekend, or just because,  cheese is the ideal entertainer. I know, I’m biased. But frankly, it can be the perfect end to a dinner party, or served as a spread at any party But it’s not always easy to choose the right cheeses. So I’ve joined with Lulu Qatar and Chocolate Fish Parties to show you how easy it is to creative…

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    Win Dinner for 2 on the Delicious Dhow Cruise at the Qatar International Food Festival

    As I have mentioned in previous posts, the Qatar International Food Festival is one of my favorite events in Doha. This year Life on the Wedge has teamed with Qatar Tourism Authority (the organizers) to bring you a fabulous competition to win dinner for two on the delicious Dinner on a Dhow which is an evening cruise catered by Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels. The Dinner on a Dhow is a perfect mixture of fine dining and a touch of local and regional culture. A traditional Dhow will be fitted out with tables, seating and buffet sections as well as barbeque and cooking facilities. The Dhow cruise is one of the truly quintessential Qatar experiences.…