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    Just Brew It – Three New Doha Cafes to Get Your Summer Caffeine Fix

    There was a time, in the not so dark and distant past, where the only place you could get a semi-decent cup of coffee was in a hotel lobby or a one of those ubiquitous chain outlets. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means a coffee snob. I don’t know my Chemex from my Colombian, but I do know what I like. And, being a writer by trade, I am always looking for new places to set up shop with my laptop and my attitude. We have come a long way from those lobby coffees and in recent months we have seen a raft of new places opening…

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    #RachelxMeesh – a Match Made in Cheese Heaven

    Let’s be honest – a good sandwich is hard to find in Doha. So many places get it wrong – bad bread, average fillings, no love. We’ve all had those dodgy white bread sandwiches with unidentified meat fillings. and of course – the cheese and mayonnaise abomination. When the team Meesh Cafe at Crown Plaza Doha (one of my favorite cafes and a regular haunt of mine), offered me the chance to create an awesome sandwich involving cheese – I couldn’t say no. The brief was simple – I had free reign to design this sandwich (provided the ingredients were available) and they would help me make it a reality. The design…

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    Table for One – The 10 Best Places for Solo Dining in Doha

    Let’s face it, there is something perversely indulgent about eating alone in a restaurant. I love eating out with AZ, but our schedules don’t always allow for it. And my Squad is also sometimes elusive for the same reason. Also, occasionally I just like a bit of alone time. So, armed with my iPad and some magazines,  I regularly take myself out for a meal. It’s usually breakfast or lunch but sometimes I veer into dinner territory. I discovered the innate pleasure of dining alone many, many years ago. I have dined alone all round the world – in Michelin star restaurants in Florence and also in shacks by the…

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    Future State – A Round-Up of New Doha Restaurants to Look Forward to in 2017

    So that escalated quickly. The year 2016 I mean. There I was, all fresh faced and excited on January 1 and now, here I am, bedraggled and bereft at the end of December. A lot happened in 2016 on the Qatar foodie scene. Some great,some not so great, and some a little bit of both. While it was a stellar year on the opening front, we have a lot to look forward to in 2017. Even Frommers has listed Doha as a top destination in 2017, citing its diverse dining scene as a reason. Here is my round-up of what I am excited about in 2017 (besides Netflix new schedule): The New Belgian Cafe I have…

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    Money Matters – Making the Most of Doha’s New Look Dining Scene

    You can put it down to a long and slow summer break, the timing of Ramadan this year or maybe just fatigue, but people in Doha aren’t spending what they used to on going out. I’ve been hearing stories of near empty dining rooms for brunch at some of the best restaurants in town. And, being actually able to get a seat at happy hour. Despite what they tell you, times are tough. We all know that the lack of enthusiasm for spending money on the niceties of life is more deeply rooted in the Great Reckoning of 2016 – when oil prices plunged and some hard business decisions were…

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    The Eight Types of Foodies You Will Find in Qatar

    I know I sound like a broken record about this, but the Qatar food scene when I arrived in 2007 was dramatically different to the smorgasbord we have today. A handful of hotels with dining options and a smattering of quality standalone places made up the “scene”. Today we are almost spoiled for choice and it seems a new eatery pops up on my Instagram feed every day. Hand in hand with this growth has been the flourishing foodie scene and all that brings with it… Here’s my guide (by no means exhaustive ahem…) of the eight kinds of foodies you will find in Qatar: The Food Blogger: Yes, yes,…

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    Channel Surfing – A Look at the Al Jazeera Cafe

    Every once in a while I find my natural born cynicism  undergoes a forced correction. I’m a journalist. It’s inbuilt. It happened recently with PF Changs Doha and yes, it’s happened again. A week ago I received a truly interesting invitation to a preview of the Al Jazeera Cafe. If my eyebrows could have arched, they would have. Qatar, where I have lived for eight years is the home to the Al Jazeera network which broadcasts news in English and Arabic. I thought the invite might be a once off for one of their programs and being at Katara cultural village, I knew it wasn’t in the network’s notorious cafeteria. At least…

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    Hello, is it Brie You’re Looking For…in Doha

    When I tell people about this blog, I usually get asked two questions. Why cheese? That answer is simple – why not? Usually delivered with an exaggerated eyeroll. The second is: where can I get good cheese? In Doha we are spoiled for choice. Recently I did a roundup in my monthly column for BBC Good Food Middle East. Now you have it – a handy cut out and keep guide. Now I can be close to your heart…or wallet…always.

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    Restaurant Review – Manis Gourmet Cafe Muscat Oman

    It would be fair to assume that I do spend a lot of time in five star hotels – either lounging around, terrorizing their chefs or drinking heavily. The reasons for this are twofold – in the Middle East hotels are generally the only place a gal can drink in public and frankly, my handbag collection demands a stage. That said, I don’t mind a greasy spoon joint (hangover helper) or a quality cafe. Anywhere with good coffee, magazines and decent people watching/judging opportunities. On one of my most recent trips to Muscat, my regular partner in crime GF and I ventured out of the rarefied confines of five stardom…