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#RachelxMeesh – a Match Made in Cheese Heaven

Let’s be honest – a good sandwich is hard to find in Doha. So many places get it wrong – bad bread, average fillings, no love.

We’ve all had those dodgy white bread sandwiches with unidentified meat fillings. and of course – the cheese and mayonnaise abomination.

When the team Meesh Cafe at Crown Plaza Doha (one of my favorite cafes and a regular haunt of mine), offered me the chance to create an awesome sandwich involving cheese – I couldn’t say no.

Meesh Cafe food blog

The brief was simple – I had free reign to design this sandwich (provided the ingredients were available) and they would help me make it a reality.

hair nets
#BTS with #TeamDelicious

The design process was rigorous – rigorously delicious that is. I met with Executive Chef Dominique three times to perfect it. that cheese would be at the heart of it was a given – I also knew I wanted to include some high quality meat and also mustard. and the bread  – that was key. It had to be spot on.


Chef came back with five types of high quality steak – all cooked differently with an array of spice rubs. We settled on an Australian  short rib that had been slow cooked for nine hours then smoked. with a bit of fat to give it more flavor in the cooking process. The result was a sensation – silky and tender with a hint of smoke.

The cheese was another matter – after sampling four cheeses (yes, four) we settled on cheddar being the best accompaniment as the bite would play well with the beefy flavor. I chose an Isle of Man Cheddar with peppercorns – sharp and a bit spicy (like me!).

All the cheeses!

A seeded mustard, some greens and a home-made BBQ sauce added a little more smoke and sass to the sandwich. Finally, I chose to encase it in house-made ciabatta bread. I had been worried about this, having been victimized by bad bread regularly in this city. But this is light and a little airy and able to soak up the sauce and mustard while still holding its’ shape.

And here it is!

Meesh Cafe sandwich
RachelxMeesh revealed

Meat. Cheese. Mustard. All the good things!

cheese 2

So this is a limited time event – it’s available until the start of Ramadan at Meesh Cafe. And the amazing thing? It’s only QR39.

A portion of proceeds from the sales of the RachelxMeesh sandwich will go to the Qatar Red Crescent who I chose because of the amazing work they do during Ramadan both here in Qatar feeding many in their iftar tents.

So, do yourself a flavor favor – head to Meesh on Airport Road and buy one of the best sandwiches you will ever try.

Don’t forget to post your pics using the RachexMeesh hashtag.

Happy eating!

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