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    Your November Hit List – Where to Eat and Drink in Doha This Month

    Buckle up folks! This is the business end of the eating and drinking year. And this is a bumper edition of the Life on the Wedge round up of where to eat and drink in Doha. New openings, new concepts and new menus (and some very strong rumors relating to certain laws being relaxed) as we slide towards 2022 – Doha is is a pretty good place to be right now. So here’s my November must eat and drink list: El Cedro Tasting Room: Located in a redesigned space that was once home to the Sharq Village and Spa’s discrete bar, the menu and drinks at this place is a…

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    Your December Dining Hit List – Where you Should be Eating and Drinking in Doha this Month

    And just like that…it’s December. For those seeking a little more dining action than mince pies, turkey and tired tinsel, have I got some delicious and diverse dining out treats for you. From farm to table to luxurious sushi, here are the best places to drink and dine in Doha (and around) this month according to Life on the Wedge… Hudson Tavern Fast becoming one of the the most chilled places in town, Hudson Tavern has spiced up its comfort food menu, which now offers more variety and bang for your buck. Tex mex and burger lovers should rejoice. Their fish taco is crunchy and spicy goodness while their new…

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    Is the New York Steakhouse Brunch the Best in Doha Right Now?

    Forget your gimmicks, your themed events and fancy dress.  For me – good Friday brunch experience has a number of key elements – good food, great service and yes, crowd-pleasing music. And there are many around town – Nobu, Market at the W Doha, Shangtastic at Shangri-La who get it spot-on. But last year, a new and surprising entrant shook up the brunch scene – the Big Apple Brunch New York Steakhouse at Marriott Marquis. Besides my sporadic trips to Quick Bites and Ipanema, frankly I never rated this hotel for its food and beverage. For me, it was a little too cookie cutter – big hotel, no real personality. So…

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    Doha’s Hidden Restaurant Gems – D’Chopstix at Holiday Villa

    If you are like me, you have your “go-to” restaurants where, (mostly) for want of a better idea, you always end up at. There is a lot to be said for the Cheers approach to eating out – you like to go where everyone knows your name…and how you like your Diet Coke. But sometimes I like to veer wildly off my usual programming. This led me to thinking, why not shine a light on some of these places, that perhaps aren’t as widely known as they should be. Maybe they are located where you least expect them. Or perhaps they are literally off the beaten track. Doha and Qatar…

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    Saturday is the New Friday 2017 Bumper Edition

    I called it early last year – Saturday IS the new Friday when it comes brunch. More venues around Doha are offering a more relaxed and refined Saturday brunch, giving those of us who would rather lay around in our stretchy pants watching Netflix on Fridays a chance to be social. I’ve covered a couple of these brunches listed below in my post about this trend late last year but we have some new players to add to the list. First off the bat is the always excellent JWs Steakhouse at Doha Marriott. Their Saturday bunch is luxurious yet also relaxed. An edited highlights version of their wider menu, you can expect plump…

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    Six Foodie Things To Try Before the End of the Year

    Listen up people! It’s December in a couple of days ! You heard me! DECEMBER! When did that happen? I demand a recount (on so many levels). Honestly, it seemed like just yesterday we were sweating through July and praying for less daylight and cooler temperatures. I’ve just realised there is a whole bunch I promised myself I would do but of stuff I just haven’t done this year: Revisiting the ABBA Museum Buying a new car (to be fair I have been saying that since 2012) Discovering a cure for Man Flu Finding a consistent supply of Mochi icecream in my vicinity Making Stretchy Pants acceptable office wear Single handedly eliminating…

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    Saturday is the New Friday – The Big Doha Brunch Switch-Up

    It’s early days people, but I’m calling it. Saturday lunch is the new Friday brunch. I will warn you that my form on such proclamations is spotty. I am still waiting for “Wednesday is the new Thursday” to become a thing. But this time I may be into something here. As we see numbers at Friday brunch struggle, with its lavish offerings and promises of an afternoon spent in party mode, this one-time Doha mainstay is facing stiff competition from Saturday Lunch. More restaurants are cottoning onto the fact that people perhaps want something a little less opulent and time consuming than a long lunch and are adding a new…

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    The Brunch to Beat – Shangtastic at the Shangri-La Doha

    I used to be a prolific bruncher but around 18 months ago I gave up on the brunch scene in Doha. It was a combination of factors that pushed me to the brink – other priorities on Fridays, work and finally, the lack of value for money. It was around the time that brunches hit QR440 and frankly they weren’t great value for money – lavish buffets of tired salads and meat, the odd unique item and of course, the bubbles/booze. Some were so big they offered maps to diners, others felt like lining up at school cafeterias. Brunch, I just wasn’t that into you. I know that others started…

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    Wonton in a Million – Doha’s new dim sum brunches

    There are very few things I love more than cheese. The list goes something like: ABBA Online shopping My family and friends My handsome man (he made me write that) And then, there is dim sum or more specifically, dumplings In Australia we call it yum cha and interestingly (OK maybe not), yum cha, which means drinking tea, is the older version of dim sum. In some parts of southern China, restaurants start serving these little morsels at 5am which would actually suit me fine, being an early riser. Dim sum/yum cha of whatever you call it, consists of bite-sized portions traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small…

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    Best of the Brunch – 2016 Edition

    In days of old, I used to love brunch. Like thousands of expats in Qatar and the UAE, it was kind of like a sport to me. Four hours of uninterrupted food and drinks in a plush environment surrounded by friends and fellow travellers? Count me in. But my priorities changed – my stamina just wasn’t there anymore and I discovered there were things I would rather do on a Friday (sleep, hang out, watch the crime channel). I’m now an occasional guest star at brunches but had a flurry of invites recently that merited further investigation. To be clear I was invited to each of these venues and did…