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Cheese Really Did Change the Course of Western Civilization

I don’t want to say I told you so, but this piece on the fabulous Quartz blog has confirmed what I have been banging on about for many, many years.

That is…cheese changed the course of civilization.

Cheese...changed the course of history
Not the actual cheese that changed the course of history, but an artist’s impression

Long story short, the dawn of cheese apparently happened 8500 years ago less than a three hour plane journey from where I am sitting writing this post.

In the Fertile Crescent (which stretched from Egypt to what we now know as Iraq and parts of Iran) over production of agriculture had depleted the  soil, meaning our Neolithic ancestors turned to raising sheep and goats. Meanwhile, some smart cookie also invented pottery. Throw into the mix the balmy conditions (which in this part of the world can hit 50 degrees in the Summer) and that milk being stored in those pottery urn can turn to whey pretty quickly.

And a hungry lady (or man) may have tried it and thought…hmmmm that’s not half bad.

Soon, the cult of cheese was born.

Listen the article and podcast I have linked to explain it in a much more scholarly way, but you get my point.

And because of these adventurous souls. We now have…grilled cheese.

Cheese...the only answer
Cheese…the only answer

You thought this was going to be another post where I vainly tried to link my real life antics to some kind of cheese.


So really, there is nothing more to debate.

*Drops mike and leaves the stage*

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