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    The Best Doha Breakfast Spots Open During Ramadan

    Perhaps the most asked question I have been getting this week is – what breakfast spots are open in Doha during Ramadan? The good news is that there is a great range of options to suit all kinds of morning cravings. For my recommendations on where to eat after sunset, check my recent blog post here. But for those on the hunt, here’s my list of the best Doha breakfast spots open during Ramadan: Public House Instantly iconic when it opened a couple of months back, Public House at the Marsa Malaz is open for breakfast. Try the brie and jam tartine for a sweet/savory hit or the sublime bacon,…

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    Your February 2021 Doha Dining Hit List – Best Places to Eat and Drink this Month

    February is here and it feels like Winter never really happened? Your February Doha Dining Hit List is here and I feel we all need to make the most of the few cooler days we have left! And honestly, it feels a little like deja vu as we see our COVID-19 case numbers rising. So with this list comes some words of caution – wear your mask. Practice social distancing. Be sensible! Here are my recommendations for where to eat and drink in Doha this February: 1. The Cellar It’s been a long 10 months but The Cellar at the newly rebranded Hyatt Regency Oryx is back open and serving…

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    Your March Doha Dining Hit List – Where to Eat and Drink this Month

    Whoaaa! I just blinked and suddenly it’s March – how did that happen? Talk about March Madness! Luckily Doha is awash with new places and new offers to make this March memorable – from steak and sushi to new breakfast spots and more. Here is your March dining hit list – where to eat and drink in Doha this month: Steak and Sushi at Morimoto I’m still trying to wrap my head around this Sunday night deal at Morimoto. Five courses including a huge sushi platter (with a selection of maki rolls and sashimi) and a buttery wagyu fillet (with umami bomb wasabi fries) as well as a big bowl…

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    Your February Hit List – Where to Eat and Drink in Doha this Month

    And here we are – my inaugural 2020 Hitlist – where to eat and drink in Doha in February. After the longest January in the history of Januarys, there is a lot to be excited about! New happy hours, new restaurants and a couple of surprises – here is the list you have been waiting for… La Bodega Negra Hot off the plane from London’s Soho, this Mexican joint has won me over with its atmosphere and well executed food. It’s located adjacent to the less than swoonworthy HuQQA at the St Regis Doha. When I say this place is about the “vibe”, I mean it. The bar area is…

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    Your May Dining Hit List – Where You Should Be Eating and Drinking in Doha This Month

    Right – I’m going to keep this month’s Doha dining hit list short. Why? Because looming very soon, halfway through May, is Ramadan. Given that’s an entirely different dining genre (and another post…), I’m going to focus on the next couple of weeks and where you should be spending those precious pre-Ramadan dining days and nights. And what a selection there is. Doha’s restaurants, you’ve done us proud: Weekend Breakfast at Kafe Ole This gem of a place is a cafe located inside the Holiday Villa complex and honestly I am kicking myself for not trying sooner. Every Friday and Saturday they serve a range of Malaysian breakfast favorites including…

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    Six Foodie Things To Try Before the End of the Year

    Listen up people! It’s December in a couple of days ! You heard me! DECEMBER! When did that happen? I demand a recount (on so many levels). Honestly, it seemed like just yesterday we were sweating through July and praying for less daylight and cooler temperatures. I’ve just realised there is a whole bunch I promised myself I would do but of stuff I just haven’t done this year: Revisiting the ABBA Museum Buying a new car (to be fair I have been saying that since 2012) Discovering a cure for Man Flu Finding a consistent supply of Mochi icecream in my vicinity Making Stretchy Pants acceptable office wear Single handedly eliminating…

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    Breaking the Fast at Eatopia

    Let’s be honest, breakfast for me is usually some toast, topped with maybe a slice of cheese or Vegemite scoffed down at 530am as I rush out the door, praying my car will start that morning. This is why I love weekends, when I can indulge in a decent breakfast, cooked by an expert and also catch up on all the gossip. Eatopia, which opened recently in The Gate Mall in Doha, seems to be all things to all people. Offering different cooking stations as well as a cafe, deli, fresh produce counters and a supermarket, they recently launched a new breakfast buffet and invited me along to test it.…

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    Much Ado About Shakespeare and Co

    I don’t want to sound like a curmudgeonly old woman, but when I first arrived in Doha seven plus ago, there were very few breakfast/cafe destinations outside of five star hotels. I know, this is one of the most Middle Class statements I have ever typed. but it’s true. Today, as the population exploded and the dining populace became more demanding, we are spoiled for choice. One of the newest is Shakespeare and Co which has just opened its second location at The Pearl Qatar. For newcomers, this cafe is a Middle East brand with stores around the GCC and Lebanon. It’s also known for its rather distinctive interiors – like Alice…

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    Like a Paratha – Adventures in India Part 1

    When I tell people how much I like India, their faces often screw up and they hold their stomachs. I may be jinxing myself, but I have never had a dose of Delhi Belly that originated in India. Pakistan is another issue. Visiting there back in 2008, I was so ill I lay on the floor of my hotel bathroom in Karachi wrapped only in a towel in a pool of sweat and started to write my will on hotel stationery. I stopped because I realized all I had was a German car the bank mostly owned and a nice handbag to offer my loved ones. Back to India. I…