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    12 Cheeses of Christmas – Cheddar with Horseradish

    I’m on the record about not being a food snob, but I also have a healthy distrust of processed cheese. But my own rules are meant to be broken. On a recent trip to my local supermarket, I convinced myself to try this cheese from the US.Yes it’s processed but the horseradish had my attention. I’m always up for a new experience and I do like horseradish. The horseradish is apparently ground and added into the cheese making process. While it is an aged NY cheddar (they make good cheese in the great state of NY), it didn’t have the bite I was expecting. While I had it on a…

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    Glazed and Confused – Grilled Cheese Cronuts

    In 2014, “Frankenfood” or sometimes bizarre mashups of food items are king. Think the Ramen Burger, the Zinger Pie and of course, the grand daddy of them all – the Cronut that devilish cross between a donut and a croissant. And apparently now, the Cronut has reached new culinary and hipster heights heights. I present to you my dear readers, the Grilled Cheese Cronut And apparently they are kind of easy to make so I may have a dare on my hands. *Photo credit http://www.ohbiteit.com

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    Red Handed at Red Lobster

    This again can be filed under “never say never”. I hadn’t given much thought to Red Lobster when it opened more than a year ago in Doha. Maybe I thought it wasn’t something for me (not being a fan of chain restaurants), maybe I was put off by the traffic logged location. But I am an adventurous lady and when I was invited with a group of other food bloggers to try the menu I broke my rule of “No Lobsters During the Week”. A US-based chain brought out here by Americana  restaurants, the company has been going for 45 years and have 700 locations worldwide. This Doha location opened in 2012…

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    Fromage Fortifications

    As a cheese blogger, having a fridge full of the good stuff is an occupational hazard. As of yesterday I have leftover pieces of Manchego, Parmesan, Swiss, Cheddar, Gorgonzola and several unidentified randoms. Now you know how I hate waste as much as losing perfectly good cheese, so I dug out this recipe by the amazing David Lebovitz for Fromage Fort. Fromage fort is a French cheese spread, literally “strong cheese”. It is traditionally made by blending together pieces of different leftover cheeses, white wine (or other spirits) with garlic, herbs and whatever takes your fancy. I made mine with around seven kinds of odds and ends cheeses The recipe calls for…

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    Getting in the Mood For Dude Food

    So it seems, Dude Food is a thing globally. And this phenomenon has arrived in Doha at an unlikely venue. Opal by Gordon Ramsay at St Regis Doha has embraced this food fad and introduced Chilli Dog Tuesdays. Apparently Dude Food is comfort food for those with a bigger appetite. It is not for the faint-hearted. Think burgers, burritos, big meaty things and hot dogs. The trend originated in the United States, with the street food movement of food trucks. It evolved from there, think junk food classics with a gourmet twist. This is what we have at Opal. Opal is the more casual brother, sorry “bro”, to the sedate…

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    South of the Border…Doha Style

    I admire the people of Mexico and their devotion to all things cheese-related. I mean, what’s a taco without cheese? But I am stereotyping this great country and its’ food. It’s much more than tacos and enchiladas. That said, it is hard to find authentic Mexican food in the Middle East, or anywhere outside of Mexico and the US.To make authentic Mexican food, you need a Mexican chef. Which is why I am hightailing it down to The Sheraton Doha tonight to check out a Mexican chef, Demian, in his unnatural habitat. For one week only, the Sheraton is hosting this chef for a Mexican Gastronomic Week, with a special…

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    Fast Food Notion

    In spite of my complaints, my life is pretty good at the moment. I live in an interesting place, I have a great circle of friends, I have the job of my dreams and as for my love life, well my mum reads this blog. Enough said. So why I felt compelled to plunge head first into the vortex of self loathing as I did yesterday, is beyond my comprehension. You see, McDonalds, in its pursuit of ruining all is great in the world, has turned its attention to cheese. Not just any cheese, Camembert. Behold my dear readers, the Camembert Bite (also known as the Cheesy Dipper). Five small…

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    Beefed Up – Review of The Anvil Rooms

    I had a phase (and by phase I mean 18 months) at university when I became a vegetarian. I’m not sure what prompted it, seemed like the thing to do at the time. Like wearing Doc Martins and raging against “The Man”. One day, about 18 months in, I decided to start eating chicken again. Then the floodgates opened and I have been making up for that 18 month lapse for the last 25 years. I love a good steak and especially love a good steakhouse, there is something about their warm, clubby environment, their comfy chairs and the proliferation of onion rings that make me very, very happy. This…