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    Raising the Stakes – A Review of Toro Toro One Year on

    When I wrote this review of Toro Toro a year ago, the response from readers was incredible. Yet, there was almost complete radio silence from the restaurant itself. Not that I expected it from a blogger point of view – That would be arrogant. But from a customer service point of view, as someone who spent a lot of money and had a genuinely disappointing evening and had told people about it. A call would have been nice. It was genuinely disappointing for me. I have been a fan of its founder Richard Sandoval for many years. I loved the dearly departed Mexican venue Pampano at The Pearl (now replaced by Tex…

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    South of the Border…Doha Style

    I admire the people of Mexico and their devotion to all things cheese-related. I mean, what’s a taco without cheese? But I am stereotyping this great country and its’ food. It’s much more than tacos and enchiladas. That said, it is hard to find authentic Mexican food in the Middle East, or anywhere outside of Mexico and the US.To make authentic Mexican food, you need a Mexican chef. Which is why I am hightailing it down to The Sheraton Doha tonight to check out a Mexican chef, Demian, in his unnatural habitat. For one week only, the Sheraton is hosting this chef for a Mexican Gastronomic Week, with a special…