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    Ready for Red Lobster – Win a QR250 Voucher

    Everyone loves a free meal and you can indulge in some freshly cooked seafood (and cheddar biscuits) courtesy of our friends at Red Lobster. Studious readers will know I was recently able to sample Red Lobster’s new menu including it’s Canadian lobsters which are flown to Doha weekly. Life on the Wedge is giving away two QR250 vouchers for Red Lobster’s Doha branch so you too can sample their seafood delights (and those cheddar biscuits). All you have to do is: 1. Follow @lifeonthewedge on Twitter and 2. Answer the following question in the comments below: When did Red Lobster open its’ first restaurant in Doha? (BIG hint – check my previous…

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    Glazed and Confused – Grilled Cheese Cronuts

    In 2014, “Frankenfood” or sometimes bizarre mashups of food items are king. Think the Ramen Burger, the Zinger Pie and of course, the grand daddy of them all – the Cronut that devilish cross between a donut and a croissant. And apparently now, the Cronut has reached new culinary and hipster heights heights. I present to you my dear readers, the Grilled Cheese Cronut And apparently they are kind of easy to make so I may have a dare on my hands. *Photo credit http://www.ohbiteit.com

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    Beefed Up – Review of The Anvil Rooms

    I had a phase (and by phase I mean 18 months) at university when I became a vegetarian. I’m not sure what prompted it, seemed like the thing to do at the time. Like wearing Doc Martins and raging against “The Man”. One day, about 18 months in, I decided to start eating chicken again. Then the floodgates opened and I have been making up for that 18 month lapse for the last 25 years. I love a good steak and especially love a good steakhouse, there is something about their warm, clubby environment, their comfy chairs and the proliferation of onion rings that make me very, very happy. This…