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Conscious Coupling – Wine and Cheese Pairings for Christmas Cheer

Wine and cheese go together like Brad and Gwyneth Jen Angelina. Like gin and tonic and like me and those lovely Valentino Rockstuds Ballet Flats I ordered in a fit of hysteria last week (they were practically free).

But for wine and cheese, the pairings sometimes aren’t obvious. I came across this great quick guide via that great repository of knowledge and time wasting, Pinterest today and had to share. Designed and compiled by the good people at Shape Magazine it showcases some of the main combinations like sparkling wine and soft and a little stinky cheese.

Like Fred and Ginger
Like Fred and Ginger

But even a hard wired cheese fiend like me learned something – namely what to pair rose with (a bitey cheddar) and that port goes great with a stinky blue cheese.

Like all food and wine combinations, it’s al up to personal taste, but this is a great place to start if you want a quick rule of thumb for the festive season.

Currently I am consciously coupling with some beaujolais and a wedge of brie. A gal has needs after all.

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