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    My Doha Dining Wish List

    Dreams do come true. ABBA is reforming (kinda). QDC now opens on a Friday. And someone built a 24 hour free wine fountain. So I have decided to put it all out there and share my Doha Dining Wish List. Feel free to laugh, cry or even add your own in the comments below. Open Table or similar  booking service – my recent trip to the US (blog post in the works) was made all that much better by this website and app. I managed to book excellent tables in the most sought after restaurants in DC and Philadelphia with barely a hitch. Imagine cutting out the middle woman and being able to do…

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    Giveaway Alert – Win Dinner for 4 at Doha Marriott’s Noodling Night

    Nobody had to think twice when I circulated on our tribe whatsapp group about the Doha Marriott’s new Saturday night deal. Called Noodling Night it’s a simple concept – all you can eat noodles and dumplings hand made by their Asia Live! chef Xudong Zheng every Saturday night from 6.30pm. All for QR100 per person OR add QR60 per person for an unlimited draft (wine and beer) beverage package. Honestly we did have to double check the offer – it’s that good. Favorites at our table were the noodles with slow cooked beef, a spicy seafood noodle dish and of course, all the dumplings. Throw in a few glasses of wine and…

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    Raising the Stakes – A Review of Toro Toro One Year on

    When I wrote this review of Toro Toro a year ago, the response from readers was incredible. Yet, there was almost complete radio silence from the restaurant itself. Not that I expected it from a blogger point of view – That would be arrogant. But from a customer service point of view, as someone who spent a lot of money and had a genuinely disappointing evening and had told people about it. A call would have been nice. It was genuinely disappointing for me. I have been a fan of its founder Richard Sandoval for many years. I loved the dearly departed Mexican venue Pampano at The Pearl (now replaced by Tex…

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    I’m in Truffle – Trying the Four Seasons’ Doha Special Black Truffle Menu

    It takes a mammoth effort to drag me of the couch on a Tuesday night with a head of cold and a full evening of TV viewing on the Crime Channel ahead. But when Four Seasons Doha calls and offers you an exclusive opportunity to try their Black Truffle Month menu, I managed to summons up courage, clarity and commitment to attend. It’s Black Truffle Month and this means that hotels across town snap up as many of the morsels as they can freight. Tuber melanosporum, called the black truffle, Périgord truffle or French black truffle, is a species of truffle  native to Southern Europe. It is one of the most expensive edible mushrooms…

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    And we have a winner!

    What a response! thanks to everyone who entered! Seems you all love your dim sum as much as I do! Without further ado…using a random name picker…the winner is of brunch for two at Hwang at the Intercontinental Doha the City is…. Congrats Glenda Sera please email me at rachel@rachelmorrispr or pop me a message on Instagram so we can arrange your prize. You will be enjoying this terrific brunch very soon – please share your experience!

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    Dining Out in Doha – the good, the bad and the downright alarming

    I actually wanted to name this post “The Good, The Bad and the Did That Just Happen?” because, let’s face it, we’ve all left a restaurant or eatery shaking our heads. This isn’t a “name and shame” post, rather to give voice to the many discussions I have with fellow foodies, hoteliers, restauranteurs and everyone in between about what works and what doesn’t in this town. THE GOOD NEW CONCEPTS From the country’s first Vegan Cafe to innovative and downright funky cafes we are starting to see a new diversity of offerings from high end to crowd favorites like German Doner Kebab on the dining front. Even the legendary Cheesecake Factory is coming. New concepts and new options…

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    Greece is the Word – A Review of Mykonos at Intercontinental Doha

    About a week ago, the yearly change of seasons started in Qatar. This isn’t as tangible and the leaves changing color. No, in Qatar, the daytime temperature drops below 40 degrees. When that happens we all collectively lose our minds and start doing wacky things like sitting outside at night. It was a balmy but bearable Monday night and when we arrived at Mykonos at the Intercontinental Doha and overtake by this collective weather induced hysteria, we made a beeline for the outside terrace. Along with others diners we wanted to take advantage of the first days of the brief winter. I’m glad we did as it gave me a chance to…

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    Money Matters – Making the Most of Doha’s New Look Dining Scene

    You can put it down to a long and slow summer break, the timing of Ramadan this year or maybe just fatigue, but people in Doha aren’t spending what they used to on going out. I’ve been hearing stories of near empty dining rooms for brunch at some of the best restaurants in town. And, being actually able to get a seat at happy hour. Despite what they tell you, times are tough. We all know that the lack of enthusiasm for spending money on the niceties of life is more deeply rooted in the Great Reckoning of 2016 – when oil prices plunged and some hard business decisions were…

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    New Competition – Win a dim sum brunch for two at Hwang (dumplings people!)

    I am an impatient woman. Especially when it comes to food. I don’t do lines. Except…when it comes to dumplings. In Australia I have been known to arrive early to one of Sydney’s many excellent yum cha places. The lines at many are infamous for their length and their ability to humble. Luckily for us Doha dwellers, you can access an excellent yum cha style brunch without the lining up or the jostling for position. Hwang at the Intercontinental Doha The City is one of my favorite brunch spots. It takes a lot for me to return to a place time and time again but this place has it all – great…

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    Turning up the Beet – a Review of Doha’s First Vegan Restaurant

    When a certain degree of hype surrounds an event, an opening or similar, my natural born cynicism ratchets up a couple of notches. There are some great examples of highly anticipated events just not living up to the forward hype. Notably: The second season of True Detective The iPhone 7 The Whopperito Both of the Sex & the City movies So when bloggers, “influencers”, the media and the general expat population recently lapsed into a rhapsodic trance about the opening of Evergreen Organics, the country’s first vegan restaurant, I was underwhelmed. But…I was also kind of interested. So when my ertswhile collaborator and lighting expert Brooke messaged me yesterday about trying…