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    Winner! Winner (Nando’s) Chicken Dinner!

    Thanks to everyone for entering our giveaway with everyone’s favorite Nandos Qatar! I have learned that I need to be more creative with my ordering as many of you seem to love the Cataplana which I have never tried. Ava Siomai  AND Manorath Palan Email me rachel@rachelmorrispr or send me a DM on Twitter or Instagram to organize collection.      

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    Much Ado About Nothing – A Review of Romeo & Juliet Restaurant in Doha

    Here’s the thing…I’m a simple girl with mostly simple tastes. But I do draw the line in eating in what is essentially a Disneyfied fairy tale themed food theme park on a major aterial road. At  Romeo & Juliet the suspension of belief happens before you even enter the restaurant – there is a full blown Cinderella coach in the courtyard. There is something off about a 40-plus woman climbing into a carriage as semi trailers honk from the road. Once inside, the theme – Romeo and Juliet and romance in case you missed this – is even more heavily labored. When I say labored…I mean applied with a shovel.This is…

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    Kurrying Favor at Kababs & Kurries

    It takes a fair bit of effort to impress me. When an invite to try this restaurant came through a friend, I was underwhelmed after learning it was located in a fairly minor mall in the suburbs. I should learn not to judge on location and appearance because Kababs & Kurries has been a surprise hit for me. I arrived solo on a recent Saturday afternoon, having battled traffic, heat , dust and my usual hysteria that comes from trying to pack two many errands at disparate ends of the city into a six hour period). What greeted me was a technicolor oasis. The interiors are a little on the garish side,…

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    Eight Underrated Restaurants in Doha You Should Be Trying NOW

    Yes, it’s fair to say that I have been focusing on the big, glam and expensive end of town lately. But a conversation with a fellow foodie recently had me thinking – are there some places in this fair city that deserve a little more praise? I think so! Here is my (arbitrary and non-exhaustive) list of the eight restaurants you should consider putting on your dining rotation right now. Porcini at the Ritz Carlton Doha Sure it’s a little old school and the interior is gloomy, but this was one of the first places I dined at in Doha many moons ago and the food is good, solid Italian…

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    There’s Dumpling You Should Know – Hakkasan’s New Menu

    In the rest of the world, the change of seasons are marked and obvious. Leaves fall in autumn. Flowers bloom in spring. In Qatar, things are more prosaic. One day: “My, we are having a mild winter! It’s a cool 27 degrees!” A week later: “WTF! It’s 45 degrees! OUCH! The steering wheel!” For foodies, the change of season signals new menus in the restaurants. When chefs go wild with new produce from afar and experiment. When the invite came to try the new Spring menu at Hakkasan Doha I knew the seasons were changing. Consistently one of the top restaurants in the city, this place rarely puts a food wrong and…

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    My Favorite Doha Restaurant – Spice Market at the W Doha

    At a meeting last week I was waxing lyrical (as I am wont to do even when sober) about the “dining scene” in Doha in 2007 when I first arrived. We had a handful of five star hotels which featured mainly buffets and stuffy linen tablecloth outlets, the outliers like Layali and Shabestan, then the more down with the peeps establishments like Turkey Central. Then, in 2009 it was like someone had finally opened the curtains. Both Grand Hyatt Doha and W Doha opened their doors and literally, the scene was transformed. The W took a while to find its’ feet – the funky design and vibe was a stretch to far for some,…

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    Miso Happy – Nobu Doha’s First Anniversary

    When the team at Four Seasons Doha incited me back to Nobu Doha to try their first anniversary menu in the company of three of my fellow favorite bloggers my reaction was in four phases: Phase one: Nobu you say? Let me clear my diary for the next month Phase two: Wait…it’s been one year already? Phase three: Who’s coming? Flying Pinay, Boulangerry and The Snapped Fork you say? Phase four: I’m free ALL MONTH Bad sushi puns and jokes aside, there isn’t much I don’t like about this restaurant. Exceptional food and service, the sexiest building in Doha and listen people, it’s NOBU. It took a long time for Doha’s outpost of the Nobu empire to…

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    Nine Places in Qatar You Should be Eating at Right Now

    As we are on a collision course for the summer months in Qatar, I’m loving a few things right now: The extended “Indian Summer” we are experiencing in Qatar right now – rain and cooler temperatures. Make it last forever please The new crime channel on OSN – Momsters, Beauty Queen Killers and Southern Fried Homicide makes it even harder for me to leave the house Here is a sentence I never thought I never thought I would write – you can now follow me at Snapchat @rachelannmorris. Yes I succumbed and frankly I love it. Of course I am hate-following a bunch of people but I relish the instantaneous nature…

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    Wonton in a Million – Doha’s new dim sum brunches

    There are very few things I love more than cheese. The list goes something like: ABBA Online shopping My family and friends My handsome man (he made me write that) And then, there is dim sum or more specifically, dumplings In Australia we call it yum cha and interestingly (OK maybe not), yum cha, which means drinking tea, is the older version of dim sum. In some parts of southern China, restaurants start serving these little morsels at 5am which would actually suit me fine, being an early riser. Dim sum/yum cha of whatever you call it, consists of bite-sized portions traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small…

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    A Touch of Spice – A Weekend in Zanzibar

    I haven’t traveled much lately. I’ve enjoyed staying put. But when my friend GF moved to the exotic  climes of Zanzibar, I dusted off the passport and braced myself for an airport run. Less than six hours direct from Doha, this East African island conjures up images of exotic beaches and a slower pace of life. Both are correct. But Stone Town, where I spent most of my brief weekend, has history and a cool vibe to attract even those looking for something more. I have to admit, when I stumbled off the plane at Zanzibar Airport mid downpour and hurtled towards the shack that currently passes for the terminal,…