My Favorite Doha Restaurant – Spice Market at the W Doha

At a meeting last week I was waxing lyrical (as I am wont to do even when sober) about the “dining scene” in Doha in 2007 when I first arrived. We had a handful of five star hotels which featured mainly buffets and stuffy linen tablecloth outlets, the outliers like Layali and Shabestan, then the more down with the peeps establishments like Turkey Central.

Then, in 2009 it was like someone had finally opened the curtains. Both Grand Hyatt Doha and W Doha opened their doors and literally, the scene was transformed.

The W took a while to find its’ feet – the funky design and vibe was a stretch to far for some, even me. But one thing was always the case – they set the trend for the best food and beverage offerings in the city. And they still do.

Excellent, personalized service underlines their ability to continually reinvent themselves.

So when asked my favorite restaurant in Doha, it’s a pretty clear favorite – Spice Market.

The first “celebrity chef” restaurant in the country, the menu has evolved over the past seven years depending on the chef in charge. Each incarnation you can see their touch on the menu, while being unmistakably part of the Jean George Vongerichten empire.

It’s South Asian street food with a fashionable twist served in one of the sexiest  dining rooms in Doha.

The current Chef Liu has transformed the menu into something truly special. Bringing his international experience to his dishes but always staying firm with his Chinese heritage.

His new menu unveiled recently  is challenging yet also on the right side of comfort food.

sprouts food blogger doha
Eat your greens! Brussel sprouts from the new menu

I’ve said previously that this is some of the best food this restaurant has ever served and I stand by that.

more salad

chinese food life on the wedge
That chive rice could be the best thing I have tasted in a while

The new menu at Spice Market features a chive rice so tasty that won’t be forgotten easily and a braised mutton that made me reassess my previously negative views on mutton.

salad asian food life on the wedge
Salad days

The generously portioned lobster with Japanese citrus yuzu was tender and has the right hit of sour to keep it honest.

lobster spice amrket qatar doha food blog
Lobster of my dreams

And a veal cutlet done Asian style with an almost creamy red pepper sauce gave me many comfort food feels.

cutlet asian food doha flood blog life on the wedge
Hmmmm cutlet

There is something that the W does that many other hotels and restaurants fail to grasp. they win you from the moment you enter – the welcome, the interior, the personalized service.

By the time you are seated, ordered a drink and handed a menu, half the battle is won. The food…that’s another experience.

I’ve celebrated my last two birthdays in this restaurant. It’s my go-to when I feel the need for some comfort food and a little TLC. If it seems like I am a cheerleader for it, the fact it has won several awards in this year alone should prove its authenticity beyond my loyalty.

*I was a guest of W Doha to try the new Spice Market menu

**This is part of the Qatar Blogger Network link-up

The Details:

Spice Market in the W Doha


Twitter: @WDoha

Phone: +97444535135







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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Kay says:

    I love the way how you can express your feelings in balance with the food you ate to an extent that I can feel you. And, lucky you have a clear favorite. I am trying to find one favorite, and am failing miserably at it.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I know you will decide soon!

  2. From 2007 to now, I think the change of the foodie scene in Doha has been drastic! I can’t imagine not having a W or Grand Hyatt here in Doha, how was life then? :p

    A great choice! Spice Market’s been my go-to restaurant too whenever I want to have that Asian food craving satisfied. Thanks for joining #QatarLinkUp.

  3. I think this one comes as no surprise! Spice Market is such a good staple on the Doha food scene – I love it for casual lunches and business meetings as much as romantic date nights and evenings with friends. In fact I’d go there at any time of day for that food! Must check out the new menu as soon as I feel I can leave the baby with a babysitter!

    Polly xx

  4. The Oryx Land Blogger-Sahar says:

    The Spice Market has a promising menu. I love the way you write your views. The details in this post really deserves a mention. Good job.

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