Giveaway Alert – Win Dinner for 4 at Doha Marriott’s Noodling Night

Nobody had to think twice when I circulated on our tribe whatsapp group about the Doha Marriott’s new Saturday night deal.

Called Noodling Night it’s a simple concept – all you can eat noodles and dumplings hand made by their Asia Live! chef Xudong Zheng every Saturday night from 6.30pm.

noodles doha

All for QR100 per person OR add QR60 per person for an unlimited draft (wine and beer) beverage package. Honestly we did have to double check the offer – it’s that good.

doha dumplings life on the wedge
Dumpling Love

Favorites at our table were the noodles with slow cooked beef, a spicy seafood noodle dish and of course, all the dumplings.

Throw in a few glasses of wine and we left happy, with a belly full of noodles and dumplings and having shelled out less than QR200 for a great meal.

On seeing my social media posts, the Doha Marriott team got in touch today to offer a great prize for my readers – dinner for four people at Noodling Night (the food only package) THIS Saturday.

As usual I’m going to make you guys work hard for your dumplings. To be eligible, all you have to do is:

  • Follow me on Instagram @rachelannmorris71
  • Follow Doha Marriott on Instagram @dohamarriott


Answer this question in the comments below:

What is the name of Doha Marriott’s Tex Mex restaurant?

The competition closes at 6pm Wednesday 19 October, so get noodling!

Doha Marriott Noodle Night Every Saturday in Asia Live!











95 Comments Add yours

  1. Irene says:

    Salsa 😊

    1. Rajanmathew says:


    2. Norman Wong says:


  2. Nino Angelo Cadiz says:

    SALSA!!! Fingers crossed!! 😬

  3. Anju says:

    It is Salsa

  4. Sheila Marie De Jesus says:


  5. Afshan sayed says:

    Salsa is the name of the tex mex restaurant

  6. Glenda Sera says:

    Hey Rachel, its Salsa! That’s wow, dinner for 4. Been to Marriott at Corniche like the usual, thanks to entertainer 241 😬 With your recent review, its so tempting, wanna try Salsa 😂

  7. Ana Santos says:


  8. Tej Pewekar says:


  9. Avantika says:


  10. Hend Khader says:


  11. laura u. victor says:

    Salsa 💃

  12. Tristy Lou (Tristan Cavanagh) says:

    Salsa 💃🏽 😍

  13. Emmanuel Erasmo Victor says:

    only at Salsa

  14. says:


  15. Leanne Alvarez says:


    I hope I win this time! xx

  16. lmdalvarez says:


    I hope I win this time xx

  17. Charmi Nagaria says:


  18. Fathima Hasara Haniffa says:


  19. Patricia Oon says:

    Hiya, the answer is Salsa!

  20. foodsheikha says:


    1. foodsheikha says:


  21. Fathima Namiya says:


  22. Daphne says:

    Salsa 🙂

  23. Albert M Paet says:


  24. Manu keung says:


  25. $hirlz says:

    Salsa is the name of their Tex-Mex Restaurant

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