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    Four New Doha Dining Experiences to Try This Summer

    This Summer. It is LOOOONG. No seriously. Even with the lush Turkish yoghurt , the fully laden shelves at Lulu Qatar   and the ongoing sideshow that is the #QatarBlockade seems this summer has been more of a slog than most. But luckily for foodies there are some new and interesting dining concepts and experiences to keep us full and happy. It’s a competitive market for restaurants and hotels at the moment (THANKYOU our Saudi friends), and savvy diners are reaping the rewards.  Here is a look at four early contenders you should be giving a try this summer: Noodles and Ribs at Four Seasons Doha Many hotels and restaurants change up their offerings for…

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    Wok and Roll – A Review of the Shanghai Club

    It’s very rare that I would go to a restaurant “cold” – that is with literally no idea what to expect in terms of food or experience. Usually Doha-based foodies would have swarmed a new venue, picked it apart and shared it on social media. Or, the fooderati (I say that with my tongue very firmly planted in my cheek) would have been invited and posted glowing reviews. The Shanghai Club at the Shangri-La Doha opened a few weeks ago with a glitzy party. Then…silence. No reviews. No chatter. Only online ads. With AZ out of town, I rounded up Alicia and we headed to the 43rd Floor to see what the big…

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    Giveaway Alert – Win Dinner for 4 at Doha Marriott’s Noodling Night

    Nobody had to think twice when I circulated on our tribe whatsapp group about the Doha Marriott’s new Saturday night deal. Called Noodling Night it’s a simple concept – all you can eat noodles and dumplings hand made by their Asia Live! chef Xudong Zheng every Saturday night from 6.30pm. All for QR100 per person OR add QR60 per person for an unlimited draft (wine and beer) beverage package. Honestly we did have to double check the offer – it’s that good. Favorites at our table were the noodles with slow cooked beef, a spicy seafood noodle dish and of course, all the dumplings. Throw in a few glasses of wine and…

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    Seoul Food – Review of Yee Hwa Restaurant

    You know those moments. Where you have been living in a city for a long time (let’s say eight years) and you think you know everything about it. Every nook and cranny. Then, you discover something new and you shout it from the rooftops and everyone else is like “Um yeah. Thanks Scoop.” That happened twice this month. The first time when I discovered Chillis did home delivery. When the delivery guy came to my door with a bag of deliciousness, I commented on how I was surprised he found my building. The delivery guy shot me a withering look and said: “Yes Madam. Everyone orders from us here.” Boom.…