Talking Turkey – Five Reasons to Order the Festive Feast to Go From CUT Doha

Let’s be honest, it’s been a bit of a year. And now with the festive season looming hard and fast, the last thing we want to do is to cook a huge Christmas meal featuring a turkey.

When CUT at the Mondrian Doha offered to send me one of their Turkeys to Go, I jumped at the chance. One of my favorite restaurants at the moment – the food is always spot on and geared towards comfort and taste rather than show.

This year they are offering a veritable feast for the festive season (and into January) which is not only delicious but great value.

So here are my top five reasons why you should be ordering this feast this year:

1. It comes with all the sides

Now, when I say all the sides, I mean ALL the sides. And starters. And soup – a velvety smooth pumpkin soup. the best side in my opinion is the mashed potato – smooth and heavily accented with garlic. And don’t forget the cranberry sauce and gravy plus cornbread. This is American inspired comfort food so also expect the sweet/savory delight that is sweet potato and marshmallow.

2. It’s foolproof (and there is help if you need it)

I know my way around a kitchen but I’m time poor. This is why it’s perfect for this time of year – the turkey comes pre-seasoned and basted and ready to put in the oven. Just 50 minutes on 180 degrees and it’s table ready. The other items are equally as easy to prep – just a few minutes in the microwave (or meecro warvay if you are Nigella) and you are ready to roll. No defrosting time, no calculating cooking time, just quality time. And if you get stuck or need some guidance/encouragement, CUT has their team on-call to help you – a card with the Turkey Hotline is included.

3. They give you everything you need for the feast

Chef Justin from CUT told me they wanted to give people everything they need for a great meal without having to sweat to find the right bowl or platter. The sides and soups come in re-usable glass containers (and yes you get to keep them) and the turkey comes in a full-size roasting pan (again you can keep it) as well as two serving boards (very fancy) and of course the pie tins for dessert. Economical and light on the earth.

So many sides

4. It can feed up to 10 people

This is a big bird – it can feed between eight to 10 people easily and no fighting over dark and light meat. Add in two servings of each side dish as well as the starters and dessert pies, this is a feast for all. We even had hotly contested leftovers (turkey sandos FTW).

Did someone order Christmas?

5. It’s great value

The festive season is an expensive time and I’m not talking about my online shopping habit. At QR950 this is phenomenal value – the bird, the sides, starters, desserts (yes there is apple pie!) and of course all of the serving platters.

So how to order? The team at CUT need three days to prep your turkey and its fixings. Call +974 4045 4999 to order or discuss your requirements. Enjoy!

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