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    HUQQA, Line and Sinker – A Review of Doha’s Newest Turkish Restaurant

    Ever has that feeling KNOW you are getting taken for an expensive ride…that feeling when the experience is so swift and so practiced that you have to sit back and just admire the AUDACITY. That folks, is what it is like to eat at HUQQA The overall experience is so pleasant and the food is so tasty that you kind of just throw up your hands (or in this case your wallet) and say…I give up. Just take it. Take my money. I had that exact feeling when I realized we were paying QR168 for a dish called Sac Kavarna. You heard me. QR168. For a dish of admittedly beautifully…

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    Five Foodie-Approved Short Breaks to Take this Summer

    I’m in the process of researching and booking my Summer holiday destinations. The criteria always remains are unchanged from the last year: solid foodie credentials, direct flights on Qatar Airways and as few visa entanglements as I can muster. If you are, like me, when choosing a destination, food is a major consideration. Well, let’s be honest, it’s probably top of the list along with easy (or no visas) visas and bearable flight times.And many times, I book a food tour before I book a hotel. All the below destinations are a manageable four to five hours from Doha and have visa on arrival or e-visas AND have the Life on…

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    Peynir and Dear – The Simplicity of Turkish Cheese

    The great thing about traveling to a place you have been to several times is you know where to find the good stuff. On my recent trip to Istanbul, I headed straight to Spice Market (via 100s of traders telling me they know how they can help me loose weight) and to my favorite cheese shop which is buried deep inside this tourist attraction. This shop has dozens of different cheeses, meats and other goodies. You can even buy bread rolls to take on an impromptu picnic. My haul this visit included some new cheeses to be covered in their own posts. But I managed to pick up an old…