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    Peynir and Dear – The Simplicity of Turkish Cheese

    The great thing about traveling to a place you have been to several times is you know where to find the good stuff. On my recent trip to Istanbul, I headed straight to Spice Market (via 100s of traders telling me they know how they can help me loose weight) and to my favorite cheese shop which is buried deep inside this tourist attraction. This shop has dozens of different cheeses, meats and other goodies. You can even buy bread rolls to take on an impromptu picnic. My haul this visit included some new cheeses to be covered in their own posts. But I managed to pick up an old…

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    Party On – How to Be a “Grate” Host

    You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties, especially my own. I have inherited my mother’s love of cooking for a crowd. I have also inherited her love of reality TV, but that’s another story. But everyone can hone their skills especially in this ‘Post Post Emily Post Era’, and the great people at King Island Dairy have produced a free guide for the perfect dinner party and cheese plate. The Perfect Dinner Party is free to download and a wealth of foodie information. There is some great a advice in here – like balance your ambitions with your abilities. I for one have been waaay too ambitious…

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    You Had Feta Believe It

    Woke up this clear Saturday morning with a headache that tends to plague women of a certain age. A brisk walk and a swim failed to shift it. Lying in a darkened room likewise. After swathing my temples in Tiger Balm and taking a last chance Voltaren, I was finally able to see through the fog. My friend Kate had sent me this Gozleme recipe and having most of the ingredients, I thought this would go some way to making me feel better. The result was, as another friend dubbed it, “Hugs on a Plate”. Gözleme is a savoury traditional Turkish pastry dish, made of hand-rolled dough that is lightly…