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    Keeping up With the Jones (es)

    When we sat down at our table at Jones the Grocer, Brooke turned to me and said “It’s 4.30pm, that can only be a Morris time to eat”. She speaks the truth. I get to the office around 615am, so I tend to be an early eater. Lunchtime for me is 11am. A “Blue Plate Special” as they say. She 430pm it is! This cafe will always have a special place in my heart – it’s an Australian brand, serves the elusive Flat White and it has a brilliant cheese cave. What more could a girl from Parramatta ask for? Today’s early dinner/late lunch was to check out how they were…

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    Party On – How to Be a “Grate” Host

    You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties, especially my own. I have inherited my mother’s love of cooking for a crowd. I have also inherited her love of reality TV, but that’s another story. But everyone can hone their skills especially in this ‘Post Post Emily Post Era’, and the great people at King Island Dairy have produced a free guide for the perfect dinner party and cheese plate. The Perfect Dinner Party is free to download and a wealth of foodie information. http://www.perfectdinnerparty.com.au There is some great a advice in here – like balance your ambitions with your abilities. I for one have been waaay too ambitious…

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    Hard to Brie-sist

    Many of my American and British friends believe much of the Australian vernacular is made up. They allege they are just jumbles of ridiculous sounding vowels meant to bamboozle non-Australians, that it’s one big in-joke at the expense of other lesser nationalities. “That is NOT a real word,” my friend Alicia exclaimed once, upon hearing the place name “Wharoongha”. Fair suck of the sav indeed. This post came to be thanks to my friend Brooke who recently hosted a gaggle of women, a lot of wine and a slew of Australian cheese. Much was discussed over cheese and wine in her “Secret Garden”, including sport, men and bad bad boyfriends.…

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    Wine and Cheese Tasting in Doha

    Each year the Qatar Australia and NZ Business Association (of which I am a member – just to lay my cards on table) hosts a wine and cheese night in conjunction with the French Business Club. Imagine – three great countries all with a love of wine and cheese. Throw in 20 different types of cheeses, a selection of wines from all three countries and of course, our compatriots, and we have a great night. For those in Doha or visiting next week, it’s on 6 November at Grand Hyatt Doha from 7pm. For more information see above or email officemanager@qanzba.org

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    Southern Comfort – Eating My Way Around Melbourne in 36 hours

    Australians are more than a little parochial about our cities. I’m from Sydney, and as such I am bred to have a fierce dislike of all things Melbourne – namely AFL. Think of Sydney as Los Angeles and Melbourne as New York. It’s a Sydneysider’s God given right to slag of the Melburnians. And of course we have the better coffee. A good explanation can be found here – Australia’s Greatest Rivalry But I have a secret – I quite like Melbourne. I enjoy the couple of days I spend there each year as Qatar Airways flight direct there from Doha, I use it as my jet lag buffer before…