Keeping up With the Jones (es)

When we sat down at our table at Jones the Grocer, Brooke turned to me and said “It’s 4.30pm, that can only be a Morris time to eat”.

She speaks the truth. I get to the office around 615am, so I tend to be an early eater. Lunchtime for me is 11am. A “Blue Plate Special” as they say. She 430pm it is!

This cafe will always have a special place in my heart – it’s an Australian brand, serves the elusive Flat White and it has a brilliant cheese cave. What more could a girl from Parramatta ask for?

Today’s early dinner/late lunch was to check out how they were fairing. To be fair, Jones as it is known, suffered for its popularity early in its life. When it opened it was unique – a cafe open all day serving quality food, selling quality products and great coffee. It become so popular so fast, you would routinely line up just to get a table (I don’t do lines). Also, construction int he vicinity meant its outdoor area had to be closed and frankly getting there was an act of great dedication in itself.

Given my work and home location and hatred of West Bay’s nebulous traffic conditions, I don’t come here as often as I should. It’s always a great treat when I can. This was no exception. At 430 there are a few tables enjoying coffee and cake as well as the odd early diner.

Photo opportunity
Photo opportunity

I tried the Salt and Pepper Squid, which on a previous visit, had been a bit too sweet for my liking. too much tamarind or something. this time it was a perfect balance of salty, peppery and a touch of sweet. The salad of Asian herbs was heavy on coriander, which suited me fine. A great lunch dish and an example of the great Australian fusion of east and west was very Australian.

Salt and pepper squid
Salt and pepper squid

Brooke had one of their most popular dishes – the healthy grilled salmon with salad and a side of salsa. She declared it uniformly great – the salmon with a crisp skin and cooked to her medium preference.

Crispy skinned salmon
Crispy skinned salmon

As always the service was well informed and friendly. I’m told the restaurant/cafe is getting “back to its roots” and changing up the product lines they have as well as bringing back their popular events including cooking classes. There is also an additional location in the works.

Flat white
Flat white

I’m happy to see this great cafe return to form. And you have to love a place that serves dinner at 430pm.

Jones the Grocer
The Gate Mall, West Bay
Phone: +974 4407 7175
Twitter: @jtgqatar
Instagram: @jtgqatar

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ms. Hala says:

    The next time you go, try their pot pie. It’s officially my new favorite dish there… right after the truffle fries of course!

  2. Penny says:

    I went there a couple of months ago and was pretty disappointed with the food and service..maybe it is worth giving it another shot.

  3. mrsderrig says:

    I love Jones’, it feels like home. I’ve had the salt & pepper squid the last two times we dined there and it is fab. I also love the corn fritters on the breakfast menu, that disappeared for a while but I’ve heard they are back on the menu. A little too far for me to travel there a lot, would love a location over the Al Waab side of town..I doubt my figure would agree with me!

    1. hi there1 Yes it is very “home” for me too. and I can confirm the fritters are back.

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