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    Your March 2019 Dining Hit List – Where to Eat and Drink in Doha this Month

    That escalated quickly! It’s March already and frankly I am still unprepared. Luckily there are some great drinking and dining options around Qatar to ease me into the stark reality of a new month. This month’s list focuses mainly on outdoor venues – we all know summer is fast approaching so lets enjoy this while we can. Here’s where you should be dining out in Doha this month: Lo Spaghetto A longtime cult favorite which I have recently rediscovered. It’s on the list because of the well executed Italian and crossover classics but also for its sublime outside dining area. A rarity in Doha, this tree fringed venue is dreamy…

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    Your September Dining Hit List – Where you Should Be Eating and Drinking in Doha This Month

    Ahhh…September. I can almost see the end of the year from here  and it looks…cooler. Now we are at the business end of 2018- school is back, vacations over, life resumed – it’s time to check out all of the new goodies being offered by restaurants and bars in Qatar. There is a LOT going on – some revamped menus, openings and new mojos for some old favorites. So buckle up, grab a snack and here is my essential guide to where to eat and drink in Doha this month: Mama Rozie It’s not in a five star hotel or in a “glam” part of town, but I can assure…

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    There’s Dumpling You Should Know – Hakkasan’s New Menu

    In the rest of the world, the change of seasons are marked and obvious. Leaves fall in autumn. Flowers bloom in spring. In Qatar, things are more prosaic. One day: “My, we are having a mild winter! It’s a cool 27 degrees!” A week later: “WTF! It’s 45 degrees! OUCH! The steering wheel!” For foodies, the change of season signals new menus in the restaurants. When chefs go wild with new produce from afar and experiment. When the invite came to try the new Spring menu at Hakkasan Doha I knew the seasons were changing. Consistently one of the top restaurants in the city, this place rarely puts a food wrong and…

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    Fine Dining Doha Style

    I know I sound like a broken record/tired old expat when I say that Doha’s dining scene has really skyrocketed since I arrived eight years ago. But it has. When I arrived we had a handful of five star hotels and few independent dining options for those who like something more challenging that a drive-thru burger. That said, there has always been excellent Arabic and South Asian choices at all price points. In recent years, we have seen Alain Ducasse’s Idam open as well as a branch of Guy Savoy’s empire open (then close). We have also seen other dining options like French bistro La Varenne and its sister steak restaurant The Anvil Rooms open their doors…

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    Hello, is it Brie You’re Looking For…in Doha

    When I tell people about this blog, I usually get asked two questions. Why cheese? That answer is simple – why not? Usually delivered with an exaggerated eyeroll. The second is: where can I get good cheese? In Doha we are spoiled for choice. Recently I did a roundup in my monthly column for BBC Good Food Middle East. Now you have it – a handy cut out and keep guide. Now I can be close to your heart…or wallet…always.

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    A Touch of (Cooking) Class

    I consider myself a decent home cook. By this I mean I can joint a chicken, cook pasta to al dente and I also do a line in a good jus. But I can’t temper chocolate and frankly I wouldn’t even make the audition phase on Masterchef without threatening to cut someone. But like most home cooks, I like to expand my repertoire even if it is just in theory. What seems like a lifetime ago when I was a pre-teen, I was sent on some holiday cooking classes run by the local natural gas company (it makes sense if you are Australian). We learned how to make tuna casserole…

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    La Dolce Latte Vita

    I know, it’s been a while between drinks and cheeses. I can give you many reasons including illness, hysteria and related dramas. But essentially a gal needed a break from the dairy overload. I will admit, I have been cheating on cheese with Asian flavors. But here I am, I am back with a vengeance. Last week I judged my outfit far too cute for just the office, so I rounded up some usual suspects for a wine and cheesefest at Opal by Gordon Ramsay at St Regis Doha. Meeting friends for the Thursday download and judgement session at the bar, Chef Elias whipped up this special pizza which featured…