Blue Cheese

La Dolce Latte Vita

I know, it’s been a while between drinks and cheeses.

I can give you many reasons including illness, hysteria and related dramas. But essentially a gal needed a break from the dairy overload. I will admit, I have been cheating on cheese with Asian flavors.

But here I am, I am back with a vengeance. Last week I judged my outfit far too cute for just the office, so I rounded up some usual suspects for a wine and cheesefest at Opal by Gordon Ramsay at St Regis Doha.

Meeting friends for the Thursday download and judgement session at the bar, Chef Elias whipped up this special pizza which featured a new cheese for me – Dolcelatte.

Sweet Life

Sweet Life

Dolcelatte is a blue veined Italian soft cheese. The cheese is made from cow’s milk, and has a sweet taste.

Its name translates from Italian to ‘sweet milk’ in English and it takes about two to three months to produce and age this cheese.

This thin crust pizza was made some mozzarella, parmesan, rocket and tomato. It was the perfect mixture of salty, sweet and crispy.

Am I in Italy?

Am I in Italy?

And, it was delivered to our table personally by the chef. Now that is the sweet life.

Slice of heaven

Slice of heaven

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