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    Fine Dining Doha Style

    I know I sound like a broken record/tired old expat when I say that Doha’s dining scene has really skyrocketed since I arrived eight years ago. But it has. When I arrived we had a handful of five star hotels and few independent dining options for those who like something more challenging that a drive-thru burger. That said, there has always been excellent Arabic and South Asian choices at all price points. In recent years, we have seen Alain Ducasse’s Idam open as well as a branch of Guy Savoy’s empire open (then close). We have also seen other dining options like French bistro La Varenne and its sister steak restaurant The Anvil Rooms open their doors…

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    12 Cheeses of Christmas – Cheddar with Horseradish

    I’m on the record about not being a food snob, but I also have a healthy distrust of processed cheese. But my own rules are meant to be broken. On a recent trip to my local supermarket, I convinced myself to try this cheese from the US.Yes it’s processed but the horseradish had my attention. I’m always up for a new experience and I do like horseradish. The horseradish is apparently ground and added into the cheese making process. While it is an aged NY cheddar (they make good cheese in the great state of NY), it didn’t have the bite I was expecting. While I had it on a…

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    Clucking Good – How to Make a Turkey Out of Cheese

    So here’s the deal. I asked my friend Alicia what I could bring to her annual “Doha Family” thanksgiving event. She said Nothing. Then I offered to bring cheese. Then the ante started to ratchet up several notches. I googled “thanksgiving + turkey+ cheese” the results were alarming. I’m talking about cheese laid out int he shape of a turkey. then I stumbled upon a cheese ball fashioned into a turkey. “Do it,” said Alicia. So the challenge was on. I don’t think anyone actually believed I could do it. About three hours in on Friday with a raging hangover and runny cheese, hell I thought I couldn’t do it.…

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    Fromage to You – Review of The Cheese Market

    OK yes I did a bit of a Gone Girl and disappeared off the food blogging scene for a couple of months. I would love to tell you I was getting drastic plastic surgery, or had eloped with a billionaire. Truth is, I just needed a break from blogging. As you sometimes do. And I also ran out of cheese puns. What dragged me back was several people telling me how they missed the blog. And not just my Mum. So while I was away something interesting happened in Doha. A dedicated cheese shop opened. The Cheese Market requires a special trip to find at The Pearl Qatar. Although I plan to open…

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    Making the World a Cheddar Place

    They say that familiarity breeds contempt. This is perhaps why I always forget about cheddar as a legitimate contender in my own pantheon of great cheeses. I mean, it’s one of the first cheeses we come across in our lives. I remember cheddar cheese sandwiches on white bread as a child and learning to smother them in mustard. I also remember Saturday lunches, when after doing the shopping, Mum would fill the dining table with cold meats from the local deli, freshly slices tomatoes and of course, slices of cheddar. We would then make our own sandwiches on fluffy white rolls. I came across this cheddar Jones the Grocer, and…

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    Down by the River – a Cheesy Tour of Western Australia

    Here’s the thing about Australia – it’s bloody big. So big that many Australians are more likely to have seen Bali than say, Perth. Although that may have more to do with the strong Aussie dollar.I am almost ashamed to admit I have seen more of Eastern Europe than my homeland. On my recent yearly trip home to Australia, my occasional travel partner suggested a trip to Western Australia to ample the vineyards. After a couple of days eating my way around Melbourne (Qatar Airways main gateway into Australia, I duly booked a ticket westward ho and in July we were soon tooling around the vineyards of the Margaret River,…

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    Honor Roll – Huff Post Lists Best Cheeses

    Every day I say a small prayer to a higher power for not being born lactose intolerant. I mean, it would have been difficult to do this blog in the first place. More importantly, what would I talk about at parties? I get asked a lot what I think the best cheese in the world is. The beauty is, there are thousands. The Huffington Post has a similar view to me, in that there is no such thing as a bad cheese. but they have also compiled a list of the 20 best cheeses (in their humble opinion). I agree with all the listed ones, maybe not the order. Check…

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    You’re Crackers – Cheese Making Granny Fires Up Over Ban

    The saga of the cheese rolling ban recently covered in this blog here continues. Now police asked a cheese making granny to help them with their inquiries by ceasing and desisting selling the offending cheese to undesirables. Ban my cheese? You’re crackers Anyone else thinks this sounds more like a plot from Midsomer Murders aka the most murderous county in the UK?

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    Cheesed Off – Food Snobs Show True Colors

    Cheesed Off – Food Snobs Show True Colors A quick survey of my fridge will tell you I am not a food snob of any description. I am also quite partial to a wedge of supermarket bought cheese. Which is why this article made me giggle. People take food so seriously, especially in Australia, that it appears unless you have the right pedigree (think milk gently caressed from the udders of cows who have grazed in organic pastures and listen only to Chopin), then it must be low class, or not legitimate. Good for Aldi for keeping it real and affordable.

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    Friends in Cheeses

    As I said earlier, I took a little hiatus from the blog and cheese for a few weeks. To welcome me back, my American friend, Alicia, hosted an American Cheese Tasting afternoon. alicia, it must be said, is a Cheese Heroine. She brought back more than 5kg of the stuff on her recent visit home. That’s 5kg of artisan cheese in her luggage. Thank god Qatar Airways has generous limits. The result of that haul is displayed below. It must be said we were joined by friends Jamie, Rachel B and Raven for this cheese hoedown, and of course me, the ring in.