Fromage to You – Review of The Cheese Market

OK yes I did a bit of a Gone Girl and disappeared off the food blogging scene for a couple of months. I would love to tell you I was getting drastic plastic surgery, or had eloped with a billionaire.

Truth is, I just needed a break from blogging. As you sometimes do.

And I also ran out of cheese puns.

What dragged me back was several people telling me how they missed the blog. And not just my Mum.

So while I was away something interesting happened in Doha. A dedicated cheese shop opened.

The Cheese Market requires a special trip to find at The Pearl Qatar. Although I plan to open my own place back in Australia some day, it’s also a destination shop. You don’t just walk past and think “Ohhh I will buy my self a little Chevre for a treat”.

It took two attempts at actually entering the door of this place. My first trip was met with closed doors. In soft opening phase It’s a very pretty shop (think cupcake shop with cheese) with an interesting selection of cheese. They only had French and Italian cheeses when I finally visited and were expecting some more Spanish cheeses in coming days.

The Cheese Company's initial selection
The Cheese Company’s initial selection

Staff were sweet and helpful and very accommodating with the free samples though a little lacking in knowledge. When I asked why a certain chutney went well with brie they didn’t know (spot the cheese wanker).

cheese 2

Much effort is put into the presentation and wrapping of my purchase of a pepper flecked cheese and some condiments (review to come).

That said, for me and fellow cheese lovers in Doha, worth a visit and a splurge.

BTW…I have a new batch of puns. Prepare to groan.

The Pearl-Qatar; Porto Arabia, Parcel 07 Unit No.174

Doha, Qatar

P.O.Box: 3980

Tel: +974-6617 47 98



2 Comments Add yours

  1. I’ll definitely need to make a trip.

  2. Sue Style says:

    Cheesy stuff from Doha…that takes some doing, I guess! Come and see us in Switzerland some time 😉

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