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Your November 2018 Dining Hit List – Where You Should Be Eating and Drinking This Month

This month’s must-eat in Doha list is a mix of splurge versus pocket friendly, Thai and tapas and everything in between. With so many new restaurants opening in Qatar at the moment, it’s super competitive and a great time to be a foodie.  The one thing of of my top picks have in common – you’re guaranteed a delicious experience.

Here’s all you need to know about dining out in Doha in November:

  1. Khao San

This new-ish Thai restaurant sits squarely on the ever growing “eat street” that is Al Jazeera Street in Bin Mahmoud. With a light and bright interior, seemingly endless menu and Thai staff, it’s a refreshing change.

How hot is your pot?

The menu has all the favorites including juicy satay, a well executed (ie not sickly sweet) Pad Thai and even plump dumplings, but their real star is their QR99 Thai hot pot. The clay pot is brought to your table, inside is a delicate and sour broth is bubbling away thanks to the charcoal underneath. You add the veggies then meat then seafood – eat as you go and dip in one of three addictive sauces. They also have an all you can eat Thai BBQ offer – saving that for just before payday! Service is cheerful but parking is dire.

Must order:  The budget busting hot pot offer can’t be beaten especially if you go for the mix of seafood and meat.

2. The Cellar

The Oryx Rotana is basically my “local”. On a winter’s evening I can walk there (granted I never have) but I don’t visit as often as I should. The Cellar is its hardworking and underrated Spanish-style restaurant with some diehard regulars.

All the tapas

It’s easy to see why – a relaxed vibe and good food. Their daily  theme nights are fantastic value – Tuesdays is all you can eat tapas and Mondays mean unlimited mussels. Service is friendly and the manager personally checks on each table to ensure they are happy. The food is also unpretentious – prawns spiced with paprika and saffron and grilled octopus are standouts.

Must order: Tapas Tuesday gives you a chance to sample the menu at just QR160 for unlimited bites including soft drinks. I loved the flavorful meatballs and the braised beef cheeks off the main menu.

3. Elements Doha

With so many new openings around town, it’s always nice to see a favorite adjust to the ever changing dining scene. Elements has always been in my top five, but often I found the menu a little unfocused and “all things to all people”.

Peking duck au go go

But a new approach has seen them “refine” the menu to what they do best – Asian and South east Asian dishes. The head chef is Chinese, so his dumplings, hand made noodles and mains (including a deliciously spicy Kung Pao chicken).  The restaurant has also carved out a place for itself in the VERY competitive sushi market segment. If you haven’t been for a while, book a table.

Must order: The Peking Duck with all the trimmings (bathe me in hoisin sauce please) is splurge worthy. 

4. Morimoto Momosan Saturday Brunch

Me and my shadow aka Morimoto

I’m an unashamed fan of this restaurant and when they launched a Saturday brunch, I was scratching at the doors at 12pm waiting for them to open. The brunch is like a highlights reel from their main menu and changes each week. On the sushi bar you will fins salads, maki and sashimi plus tempura and other hot dishes from the grill. You can then order a main off the menu – these are full-sized and suitable to share if you have a few people. Desserts are also shared.

As a concept this is a winner – the atmosphere is fun and the staff engaged. Grab a table by the sushi bar and watch the action in the kitchen. At QR350 with softdrinks and QR495 with alcohol, this could be a new Saturday tradition. PS there is a karaoke room for after lunch – fire up the ABBA and pass me the mike.

Must order: I’m not going to lie, I ate all the tiny hammachi tacos. The shiso risotto is the perfect blend of east and best.

That’s enough to keep you fed and watered for the next month or so! Roll on the silly season!

PS if you need some more dining inspiration this month check out my other recommendations, check here and here.

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