The Small Print

So…you’re here. And it’s because you clicked the link at the end of my post. This is the small print, the words not all bloggers want you to read. But I’m not “all” – I want to be clear and and up front.

So, this is my disclaimer:

I was invited to eat/stay/visit for free (or possibly provided some kind of compensation as part of a collaboration), but my comments are entirely based on my own opinion. My overall experience may not be reflective of that of the average diner, customer or traveler.

To spell it out:

  1. Life on the Wedge (and any guests) were invited, free of charge, to the event/restaurant/function/hotel for the purpose of sharing this experience with you, the reader or my followers.
  2. Any commentary on service or the overall quality of the experience are strictly what I experienced at that event, tasting or during the stay. It’s possible that we received special treatment.
  3. All comments on the quality of the food, service, overall experience remain completely my own, irrespective of the event/restaurant/function/hotel and certainly irrespective of the treatment I received.
  4. Occasionally, posts may be on restaurant/hotel/venue openings/launches or even relaunches. Where possible, I try to return to the venue (or go beforehand) if I believe a review is useful.

Also, some blog posts may contain links that are affiliate links.This means that if you click them and make a purchase or a booking, I get a small commission.


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