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    Best of the Brunch – 2016 Edition

    In days of old, I used to love brunch. Like thousands of expats in Qatar and the UAE, it was kind of like a sport to me. Four hours of uninterrupted food and drinks in a plush environment surrounded by friends and fellow travellers? Count me in. But my priorities changed – my stamina just wasn’t there anymore and I discovered there were things I would rather do on a Friday (sleep, hang out, watch the crime channel). I’m now an occasional guest star at brunches but had a flurry of invites recently that merited further investigation. To be clear I was invited to each of these venues and did…

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    Instant Noodles and Bad Lighting – True Confessions of a Food Blogger

    Food blogging isn’t all Instagrammed fabulosity and swanning around. Many of the food bloggers I know here in Qatar and abroad work hard to develop and write engaging content. As do I. But there are some deep, dark secrets, that I don’t even talk about after a few drinks, about my experience with blogging. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered to post. I have an over articulated work and personal life and frankly, I just want to watch TV. I would love to be more disciplined, but at the moment I just can’t. I watch more of the crime channel than the food channel. OK I do watch Masterchef, but frankly…

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    Posh Spice – Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor at Melia Doha

    At times I can be a very bad food blogger. Recently found myself heavily invested in TV show about a group of wannabe starlets and instafamous chicks who worked in a store owned by a family who were famous for being famous. That’s when I knew I had to end my self imposed exile and leave the house. For reasons of a hibernation nature, I had missed the opening of Indian celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s Signature at the Melia Doha. The Melia, a Spanish brand, has recently entered the Doha market and has some interesting outlets including a very good tapas place. Finally convinced to leave the evil attractions of the…

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    Up in My Grill – How Much is Too Much for a Sandwich?

    I have been known to pay a pretty penny for some good food. And usually, I’m happy to do so (with the exception of a certain South American fusion restaurant in Doha who charged me five bucks for three small bread rolls recently – review coming). But when this story popped up on my Twitter feed today, I did a double take. Peter Gilmore is perhaps the best chef in Australia and his Snow egg has passed into culinary legend. But AUD$22 for a grilled cheese sandwich? Well, that’s another matter. $22 in other terms is QR57 or USD$15 or 10 quid in UK terms. According to Gourmet Traveller it has five Australian cheeses:…

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    Cheese Release Me

    Listen, I am not talking myself up, but I have always been ahead of the curve on many things. I just can’t think of most of them now…but here is some recent proof of my sage-like abilities. Cheese, it seems, is the next big food trend of 2014. Roquefort doughnuts, Stilton truffles and goat’s cheese ganache: Chocolate and cheese set to be 2014s next big foodie trend It must be true, it’s in The Daily Mail. And on this blog.