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Five Independent Doha Restaurants Doing Home Delivery

This post is dedicated to the independent Doha restaurants and cafes who are still putting together out the great food and keeping us fed and watered.

It seems like we have been doing this self isolation thing a very long time. And perhaps we have. There is no denying times are tough for many and the hospitality industry has been doing it tougher than most. In my view the businesses in this post serve great food as well as importantly follow infection control measures. And with working long hours in the office(well for me anyway) all of them have also been a lifesaver.

So for when you just can’t make another home-cooked meal (Masterchef fatigue) or you just want a treat these five independent Doha restaurants doing home delivery during COVID-19#supportlocal

Mama Rozie

A perennial favorite of this blogger, this family business are continuing to serve their very loyal customers home cooked Indonesian, Malaysian and Filipino comfort food classics through the lockdown. They deliver through all of the main operators including Talabat, Wishbox and Fingertips. Check their lively instagram for daily specials during Ramadan.

Must order: Nasi Goreng chicken

Twisted Olive

In my view, one of the best newcomers this year, this bistro in West Bay has some of the most interesting food in the city. You can expect the usual salads, sandwiches and more substantial mains, but the execution and ingredients enable them to stand apart. The food has an Mediterranean slant and everything is made fresh and from scratch. They are now offering breakfast and lunch through Talabat.

home delivery in doha Twisted olive

Must order: The honey baklava cheesecake. Trust me on this.

Boho Social

Another one that has been on my radar before, but they have stepped up and out with a new special menu. I had previously enjoyed the food but found it “safe”. The new delivery menu has the hallmarks of a chef being told to cut loose and try new things. The result is some exciting food. A vegan-friendly bowl of roasted pumpkin with lentils, tahini dressing and finished with activated seeds is a blend of flavors and textures. Another surprise packet is their take on noodles – a spicy harrisa emulsion with udon noodles and sesame is familiar in that it’s comforting, but also revealing some unique flavor combinations. Call or whatsapp 77655285 for delivery.

Must order: For something very different try the bao bun ranchero with crispy chicken, dynamite sauce and pickled mayo.

BAO Doha

Another perennial favorite of mine, they are continuing to wow us with their soft and fluffy bao buns. They have a special Ramadan menu at the moment with baos infused with flavors like pomegranite and falafel. Order a couple of baos each and some starters like their tempura shrimp and gyoza and you have a great night in. They are available through all of the major delivery apps including Talabat, Carriage, Foody, Rafeeq and Trackoo.

Must order: the spicy falafel bao and the spicy shrimp one as well as the Japanese style corn.

Umami Burger

The much anticipated branch of the cult burger chain has finally opened after months of teasing. It’s a brave move opening and a restaurant in the current climate, but worth the wait. Located in Msheireb, I will admit I have a bit of an agenda with this – we are hoping to move to an apartment building next door after Ramadan (inshallah) and this will be our local! That said, there is a lot to like about their burgers. Flavors and ingredients are quite different to the multitude of burger joints in this town. The bread is soft and holds the fillings well – in fact, ours were delivered in perfect shape, no dripping or sloppiness to be seen. The Umami burger beef is good quality (perhaps a little dry for some but favorful) and stacked with crispy shitake mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and parmesan. A lot of rich flavors there but none were overwhelming – which is perfect. Another winner is their crispy chicken burger which is succulent and laden with pickles and coleslaw. They also offer Impossible (plant based) options as well as a turkey burger plus the usual sides. Delivery is fast through Foody.

Must order: Truffle fries and the chicken burger.

For other home delivery options check out my previous post here.

As with everything lately, do check the restaurant’s social media or give them a call to check timings and availability, especially during Ramadan. For those with concerns about using home delivery, check the Ministry of Public Health’s guide here.

I had a few people (honestly I did) ask why the longer than usual pause between posts. The answer is complicated. Firstly, work escalated quickly and I just didn’t have the mental bandwidth to sit down and write. I am not working from home, rather heading into the office each day and some of those days are long. Secondly, with so many people grappling with the complexity of what dealing with COVID-19 mean – the spread of the virus itself, self isolation, job losses, business closures, travel bans, uncertainty generally – it just seemed so trivial to be writing about food. But we seem to have settled (for want of a better word) into the “new normal” – for me that means a bit more of a routine as well as a chance to have some headspace to write and create again. So expect more this May!

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