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    Where to find a Taste of Portugal in Doha

    A friend sent me the Instagram account for Portugal Taste in Doha and I knew I had to make an order ASAP. In fact, I made two orders over two separate days to sample as much as possible from their extensive menu. I’m always looking for new and out of the box dining experiences in Doha and this fits the bill. They do delivery only at the moment, you order online from their extensive menu, choose your delivery time and yes, all dishes are halal. What’s on the menu at Portugal Taste? The menu’s main dishes including a Churrasco platter (QR125) with Brazilian picanha beef fillet, beans and farofa (toasted…

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    Five Independent Doha Restaurants Doing Home Delivery

    This post is dedicated to the independent Doha restaurants and cafes who are still putting together out the great food and keeping us fed and watered. It seems like we have been doing this self isolation thing a very long time. And perhaps we have. There is no denying times are tough for many and the hospitality industry has been doing it tougher than most. In my view the businesses in this post serve great food as well as importantly follow infection control measures. And with working long hours in the office(well for me anyway) all of them have also been a lifesaver. So for when you just can’t make…

  • 11 Great Doha Home Delivery Restaurants to Ride Out COVID-19
    Home Delivery

    12 Great Doha Home Delivery Restaurants to Ride Out Your COVID-19 Self Isolation

    And so it has happened – COVID-19 has us well and truly in its feverish grip. In Doha, we have been advised to stay indoors, avoid gatherings. Restaurants and cafes have been closed for dining in but are offering delivery and takeaway – perfect for those moments when you can’t face opening another can from the pantry. Food and beverage outlets in this city have had to move fast and adapt to the changes. Expect to see some closures (temporary) or some moving to delivery only. And times are tough for our friends in the food industry so please show them some love. a word of warning – all of…