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Dining in the Dark – Preview of W Doha’s Sensory Journey

They say that dimming the lights can heighten your other senses like taste and smell. As a woman of a certain age (cough), I find it also hides a multitude of sins.

When the team from W Doha invited me to try their own version of dining in the dark, I was very quick to confirm. Excellent food, mood lighting…what’s not to love.

While it wasn’t conducted in complete darkness (rather the stunning Extreme Wow Suite), the experience was still unique.

The seven course menu, presented by their executive chef Kim and developed for the evening, took us on a journey of the hotel’s culinary strengths.

Arancini ball with parmesan
Arancini ball with parmesan

Each course a different couple was blind folded and had a chance to guess the dish and the ingredients.

Blindfolded bandit
Blindfolded bandit

The seven courses were five savory and to sweets with wines to match. I competed in two courses and was worried frankly for my reputation. Luckily I was better than I expected, guessing the cheese in the arancini and two kinds of beef preparations in the meat course. Withe the meat I have to say that having no visual cues, rather the smell and taste really heightened the experience. The richness of the beef, especially the fillet, really shined.

A delicate salon and yuzu
A delicate salmon and yuzu

This delicate salmon carpaccio with yuzu (a Japanese citrus that is a meld of orange and lemon) was almost too pretty to eat.

Hamour and peas
Hamour and peas
I know my meats
I know my meats – Blindfolded I guessed this dish but the carrots foxed me

This concept enables you to actually focus on the food rather than other distractions. the conversation around the table was focussed on the flavors and the preparations (and some gossip but that’s another story). And of course, dining in the stunning suite with the company of the chef is an experience in itself. I can imagine it being a special occasion dinner (birthday maybe – hint hint).

The Sensory Journey starts in September and will be held every third Wednesday. It costs QR990 per head which includes seven courses, matching wines. The menu will change each month.

For more information contact W Doha on +974 4453 5000 or tweet them @wdoha

*Life on the Wedge was a guest of W Doha

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