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Dine Around Doha – A Perfect Day as Told Though Food

Not every day is wine, roses and free snacks in the food blogging world. Some days it’s a long day at work, then collapsing on the sofa with Netflix and a steaming bowl of… Maggi noodles and cheese (seriously – don’t tell anyone).

But some days, every so often, when the Gods shine, are just golden. Those days are few and far between, but when they are…I grab them.

These rare days had me thinking, given the current state of Doha’s dining scene, what would be my “perfect’ day as told in food (and the occasional stiff drink)…


In a perfect world, it would be breakfast in bed or at least toast and coffee made by His Indoors, but let’s be honest. That’s not happening. My choice would be either Meesh Cafe for their stunningly priced Big Breakfast for QR49 (I can still be thrifty when enabling my imagination) which includes all the elements of a great start to the day – juice, coffee, carbs and a fry up.

Quick bites

The other option would be the corn cakes at Quick Bites in West Bay (open during Ramadan FYI) which have significantly improved. Stuffed full of fresh corn, not too floury and doughy and served with avo and and egg cooked to order, the food makes up for the lack of atmosphere.

Meesh value breakfast


This was a competitive field. But those who know me…know I love Indian Food so it had to be a Thali. But which one? In a city blessed with great Indian food and many, many opinions, I keep going back to Dakshin at Barwa Village. If you can brave the ever changing traffic maze, this place is worth the journey. A no-nonsense thali (veg, non-veg, seafood even), standouts for me have been the creamy and dreamy prawn curry and a squid  version. Served by charming staff, this place has never let me down and is a worthy entry in my Perfect Day files.


Spicy lunch

Coffee and…

Everyone needs a breather, dashing between restaurants and looking important can work up a sweat and a need for caffeine. Many, many new entrants in this field, special mention should go to Flat White who continue to appease hipsters and caffeine fiends alike. But for me, it’s always going to be 999 Cafe at the Fire Station. A huge, sun-drenched space with views of the city and a vibrant gallery space next door (and an art shop if you are so inclined), this place is a haven for me.

Coffee and cake break at 999 Cafe

Dinner (and drinks)

When we are talking about dinner, the options are plenty – for example a perfect steak at Prime or the always dependable Spice Market at W Doha.. But this is my perfect day. I am boss lady of this day. And Boss lady…LOVES Nobu. In all honesty, I could end this perfect day with a glass of wine and a bunch of snacks (like the tofu Wagyu burgers or their teeny tiny tacos below) on their rooftop.

Bugerlicious at Nobu

If I had room left after the day of gluttony, I would go the full monty and order their Omakase or Chef’s Choice menu, topped off with a liberal dose of many Japanese Mojitos and every Mochi Matcha icecream morsel in the house.

Teeny tiny tacos

There it is – a perfect day for this blogger as told in food. Me….being me…it would wrap up early, around 930pm, giving me plenty of time to catch cough…90 day fiance…cough… or more likely…the news (maybe not).

What is your perfect dining day?


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