• Your October Hit List - Where to Eat and Drink in Doha This Month
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    Your October Hit List – Where to Eat and Drink in Doha This Month

    We are at the pointy end of the year and for foodies this is great news. The weather starts to change oh so slightly, events start rolling into the city and this is the time when new menus, new restaurants and more start to open. So here is your October Hit List – where to eat and drink in Doha this month… 1. Pizza Box Another pizza place…yes. But this one is a little different. It offers New York style pizza – the pie is larger, the dough thinner and the toppings a bit more eclectic. You can buy by the slice or the whole pie. Toppings include traditional pepperoni,…

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    Your February Hit List – Where You Should Be Eating and Drinking in Doha Right Now

    Don’t be hating on me – it’s been a while I know, and this round up is a little late out of the starting blocks even for me. Bad food blogger that I am. But as you know, I really only recommend places in Qatar and experiences I have personally tried. And this month, well, in Doha it’s been a little slow to move on the dining front (or is it that I have been a little slow to move? Don’t answer that). But we are finally starting to see some traction – new dining offers and new menus popping up in and around the Doha. February, as it turns…

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    Nine Date Night Dinner Destinations in Doha

    I actually don’t like the term “date night”. It kind of makes me cringe a little on the inside. But call it what you want, it’s a catch-all phrase for spending some time with your significant other. With work, werk, Netflix obligations, life and everything in between, AZ and I struggle to find time to just sit and catch up. So, we designate a time every couple of weeks to go out for dinner or drinks – sometimes we go somewhere new, but more often than not it’s one of our regular haunts. Sometimes they are fancy, mostly they are comfortable and easy to get to. So here is a…

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    Dine Around Doha – Around the City in Three Awesome Meals

    I am a woman with many opinions. Just ask me. I have an opinion about everything from the US presidential elections (I’m not even American) to the state of Posh and Becks marriage (boredom). I get asked often what my favorite restaurant in Doha is (and my favorite cheese but thats another post). My answer is always the same…it depends. It depends on my mood. It depends on the company. It depends on my outfit. It depends on budget. So here is my (current) front runners for a day of perfect dining in Doha for all budgets. This list is based purely on my likes, dislikes and general state of…

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    Dining in the Dark – Preview of W Doha’s Sensory Journey

    They say that dimming the lights can heighten your other senses like taste and smell. As a woman of a certain age (cough), I find it also hides a multitude of sins. When the team from W Doha invited me to try their own version of dining in the dark, I was very quick to confirm. Excellent food, mood lighting…what’s not to love. While it wasn’t conducted in complete darkness (rather the stunning Extreme Wow Suite), the experience was still unique. The seven course menu, presented by their executive chef Kim and developed for the evening, took us on a journey of the hotel’s culinary strengths. Each course a different couple was blind…

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    Fine Dining Doha Style

    I know I sound like a broken record/tired old expat when I say that Doha’s dining scene has really skyrocketed since I arrived eight years ago. But it has. When I arrived we had a handful of five star hotels and few independent dining options for those who like something more challenging that a drive-thru burger. That said, there has always been excellent Arabic and South Asian choices at all price points. In recent years, we have seen Alain Ducasse’s Idam open as well as a branch of Guy Savoy’s empire open (then close). We have also seen other dining options like French bistro La Varenne and its sister steak restaurant The Anvil Rooms open their doors…

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    Turning Japanese – A Review of Nobu in Doha

    Many years ago, in what seems like another lifetime in a galaxy far, far away, I was a newspaper editor. This was pre-Instagram and pre-Snapchat (yes Virginia, there wasn’t always a Whatsapp). Actually it was 2008 and I remember putting on the front page a story that the famous Nobu restaurant would open in Doha within the next 12 months. Well, as is the way with anything you really want, we were made to wait. And wait. And wait… Finally, in a blaze of glory, Nobu has opened its doors in Doha and I have to say, it was worth the very long wait. Almost as long as it took…

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    Fine Dining With a View – Review of La Mer’s Blind Tasting Menu

    I’m about to clock up eight years in Doha. I’m not going to bore you with the expat habit of saying how fast it’s gone, how things have changed etc. What I will talk about are the things that have become a constant. The irritating being the sandstorms, the whingeing expats and the bad driving. The good constants being friends, special people in my life, my job, this blog and the opportunities. There are also the physical constants – those places you have been going to for years, that are a part of your life. One of those places is the Ritz Carlton Doha. Always elegant and welcoming, I have always…