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Your February Hit List – Where You Should Be Eating and Drinking in Doha Right Now

Don’t be hating on me – it’s been a while I know, and this round up is a little late out of the starting blocks even for me. Bad food blogger that I am. But as you know, I really only recommend places in Qatar and experiences I have personally tried. And this month, well, in Doha it’s been a little slow to move on the dining front (or is it that I have been a little slow to move? Don’t answer that).

But we are finally starting to see some traction – new dining offers and new menus popping up in and around the Doha. February, as it turns out, is a month for Doha foodies to savor.

So, without making you wait any longer…here’s where you should be eating and drinking in Doha, Qatar this month.

Chinese New Year at Shangri-La Doha

Good luck vibes!

Honestly, Chinese New Year is one of my favorite times of the year. Color, movement and dumplings – what more could a woman ask for. I checked out the eight course offering at this splendid hotel last week and and can it’s truly impressive. you know those set menus where there is always one or two “filler dishes”? Not so here – each one has a place and a meaning on this menu. highlights for me were the steamed Boston Lobster which was dripping in a tantilizingly decadent garlic sauce. I also had a soft spot for the braised beef short rib which was fork tender and perfectly savory. The menu is QR488 for food only or QR688 including drinks and as you know, the view extraordinary and the service knowledgeable and friendly.

Winner winner crispy Chinese chicken for dinner

The Details: Shanghai Club

Level 43

Shangri-La Doha

Tel: 4429 5000

La Veranda at Sheraton Doha

That view though…

This is my “nod” to Valentines Day. To be honest, I rarely think of this hotel having good dining options. But a recent date night saw us heading to their bay side Italian eatery, La Veranda on a whim. If you can look past the hokey decor, this is a place you should be putting on your “romantic” repertoire. The food, while not exactly authentic, is crowd pleasing and the location, looking out over the twinkling lights of the Corniche, well, that’s priceless. We especially enjoyed the seafood pasta which was packed with lobster, prawns and tender fish (although the pasta itself was on the overdone side of al dente for me) and a four seasons pizza came complete with a crispy case (so many places get this wrong – nobody likes a soggy bottom people!).

A very good seafood pasta

The Details: La Veranda

Sheraton Doha (in the recreation center building)

Tel: 44853000

Firefly Burger

I am not one for gimmicks, but the “cheese injection” at Firefly Burger plays right into my sweet spot. You can order the additional melted cheese injection, which, yes is actually inserted using a syringe. the result is a gooey mess – just how I like it. you can also order it “smoked”, another act of theater involving a glass dome and a smoking machine. But ultimately it’s about the taste and I can say, these are good burgers. the right amount of fat to meat ratio means there is actual flavor. the bread, while not my favored soft potato rolls, are bigger and crustier, and manage to contain the hefty patties and other items. this is a personal thing, but I also appreciate the fact that this joint sells burgers and fries – that’s it. No hot dogs, no random added extras. Just burgers. And they’re good.

The Details: Firefly Burger

Three locations in Qatar – Ezdan Mall, Al Nasr (the one I tried) and Al Garrafa

This is the kind of injection I can handle


There’s meat. then there’s meat, Brazilian style. I’m going to be honest, this is a place that has won my heart. It’s not fancy, but the food and service is first class. It’s a Brazilian-style churrasceria – which is essentially skewers of freshly BBQd meat (beef, lamb, chicken and yes even ostrich) craved at your table. They have a “salad island” but the main event, that’s the meat. A recent visit saw us devor almost a side of filet mignon. Add in cocktails made at your table and a low key South American band, and this is a fun and  delicious night out. There is an a la carte menu, but I suggest you go for the “full Experience” of unlimited meats and also a starter and dessert. If you arrive before 7pm it’s 50 percent off. Be warned – wear stretchy pants and come with someone you are prepared to experience the meat sweats in front of.

The Details: Rodizo

Crowne Plaza Doha

Airport Road

Tel: 44087788

Meat sweats loading

I hope that 2018 is treating you as well as it’s treating me. Stay tuned for some pretty delicious adventures coming up soon  (really, I promise).

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**Wait…it’s February already?


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