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The Milky Whey

I don’t know much about Cyprus except that it’s an island, lots of Poms live there and it probably ins’t a greta place to have a bank account.

It also it seems, makes some damn fine cheese, like this chunk of Anari.

Cyprus's Finest
Cyprus’s Finest

This has been loitering in my fridge for a while and I have been waiting for a chance to use it. Anari is a fresh mild whey cheese produced in Cyprus. Although much less known than other Cypriot cheeses like halloumi, it’s getting its own time in the sun. It comes in two forms, a crumbly whey type cheese, or the hardened variety like the one I have used. It also can be made from goat or sheep milk.

A little like a softer parmesan, I found t grated well. Dry anari is too hard to cut and is hence invariably grated and used to garnish pasta dishes or thicken sauces.

I found this recipe for Mushroom Rice Fritters and while keen to try, was concerned it was a little bland. I thought perhaps the Anari and some judicious spices, they would be a killer dish. And I was right.

Frittered Away
Frittered Away

The sour cream sauce was replaced by my home made (halo shines) Greek yoghurt (the Cypriot/Greek juxtaposition is not lost on me) and cucumber. I grated in the Anari which gave a bit of bite and bulk to the fritters. A perfect Wednesday night supper.

A touch of cheese
A touch of cheese

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