You Goat-a Love This Cheese

My affection for Lebanon is well documented. And when I needed a little bit of comfort food after a stressful and somewhat strung out week, I called for reinforcements from the Levant.

Despite my whinging and revisionist tendencies of former residents, there is quite to love about where I live. The variety of fabulous food just a phone call and Evil Kenieval motorbike trip away. Malaysian, Turkish, Chinese, Mexican, Italian…and of course Lebanese joints are all within shouting distance. This includes the terrific little eatery Al Balad

I was actually craving a dish called Eggplant Fatteh – comfort food personified – which is fried strips of eggplant with toasted pita, yoghurt and other goodies. They also sent around these little balls of greatness.

Beirut at home thanks to my friends at Al Balad in Doha
Beirut at home thanks to my friends at Al Balad in Doha

I have written of my love for labne balls before, but these are made from goats milk and coated in black sesame seeds as well as oregano and sesame.Along with the salad, these transported me back to sitting around a table in Beirut laden with mezze, drinking Arak and putting the world to rights.

Comfort food
Comfort food

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