Talking About Cheeses

Someone asked me recently what a good cheese was to start off a “non cheese lover” on their journey of appreciation.

Firstly, I was incredulous of the phrase “non cheese lover”, but I am not one to judge (often).

I suggested starting with what is familiar – a cheddar maybe with a twist or perhaps a Brie.

I will be compiling a post soon on Cheese Appreciation 101, but I came across this helpful piece in the Foodie haven of the Sydney Morning Herald.

How to Store Cheese

My fridge is usually a complete mess – last night I found a very dubious avocado in there and a jar of salmon roe dating from the era before the Kardashians.

It also has a lot of alcoholic beverages there. They are not mine. They are just resting in there. I am minding them for friends.

But what is always in order is my cheese shelf. In my former life in Sydney, I never had a fridge big enough or fancy for a cheese shelf. But here I do.

Now this piece is suggesting your cheese is better off in the veggie crisper (although mine resembles Chernobyl at the moment). This explains why – apparently it is the warmest place in the fridge and the best haven for your precious cheese.

I can truly say I learned something today.

How I want my cheese fridge to look...
How I want my cheese fridge to look…
How it really looks...
How it really looks…

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  1. So happy I found this blog, I LOVE cheese!!

    1. thanks so much and enjoy!

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