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    My Five Best Eats of 2015

    It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Apologies for borrowing shamelessly from the classics, but really 2015 saw highs and many lows. It was the year I lost my mother but found love in the unlikeliest of places. I haven’t traveled as widely as I did in previous years, but sometimes we need to stand still to appreciate what we have. I haven’t been the most regular blogger. I found I needed more headspace this year. But enough of the sentimentality. My fellow blogger A to Zataar asked my top three dishes for 2015 and she reminded me that this post was formulating for some weeks. So…

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    Breaking the Fast at Eatopia

    Let’s be honest, breakfast for me is usually some toast, topped with maybe a slice of cheese or Vegemite scoffed down at 530am as I rush out the door, praying my car will start that morning. This is why I love weekends, when I can indulge in a decent breakfast, cooked by an expert and also catch up on all the gossip. Eatopia, which opened recently in The Gate Mall in Doha, seems to be all things to all people. Offering different cooking stations as well as a cafe, deli, fresh produce counters and a supermarket, they recently launched a new breakfast buffet and invited me along to test it.…