Competition – Be the First to Try Nozomi’s New Friday Brunch

The Friday brunch market in Doha is VERY crowded.

Any new entrant really needs to set itself apart and offer something innovative to get and keep people interested.

Which is why I am excited by the looming launch of Nozomi Doha’s new Friday brunch on 28 April.

The restaurant has already set the pace with a an excellent value Saturday dumpling brunch so this new concept promises to be something special.

I’m pleased to give you an exclusive sneak peek at some of the dishes the innovative culinary team at Nozomi have developed including this miso black cod which looks like it needs to get into my belly asap.

Nozomi's new Friday brunch
Miso marinated Black Cod – photo credit Nozomi

The new brunch will be priced at:

  • OKI Package QR335 including soft drinks
  • Yamato Package QR390 including beer, wine, Prosecco and Sake Orichi
  • It’s QR150 for children aged four to 12 years (children under three complimentary).
nippon short rib from the Nozomi Doha Brunch
27 hour slow cooked Nippon short rib (seriously) – photo credit Nozomi

The menu is a la carte and includes the chance to try items such as rock shrimp tempura, hoisin duck shredded pancakes, 27 hour slow cooked Nippon short rib and of course, their signature sushi, sashimi and maki rolls.

Nozomi maki rolls
Arabian Gulf marinated prawn tempura maki – photo creit – Nozomi

So…I promised a competition and it’s a doozy.

Nozomi has offered me THREE individual seats at their inaugural brunch – you can be among the first diners in Doha to try it.

The downside? You have to share your table with me. I promise to behave and only tell one boring story per hour.

So to one one of those seats and be among the first to try this new brunch here’s all you have to do:

  1. Follow @Nozomi_Doha on Instagram (or Twitter @Nozomi_Doha)
  2. In the comments below name three people – famous, infamous, living, dead, related, unrelated – who would be your ultimate Friday brunch crew.

The competition will close at 5pm on Saturday, 22 April and winners will be notified on my Facebook page as well as my Twitter and Instagram (basically ALL the social media). If you are one of the three people chosen you must be available on 28 April.

So, I look forward to sharing my brunch with you and telling you ALL my favorite jokes.

GOOD luck!

29 Comments Add yours

  1. Kevin Heaney says:

    Frank Sinatra, JFK and Michael Collins….good crew!

  2. dlmarks says:

    Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra and my husband😊😅

  3. Hamza, Farhan and Ahmed!

  4. Fathima Namiya says:

    Jasseem althaha
    Mohammed yazdan
    Hawwa Najda
    Are a gud crew

  5. Karl Cadorna says:

    Jeff Buckley, Albert Einstein & Vladimir Putin

  6. Fadia says:

    Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern and Nigella Lawson. Can’t guarantee it would be fun but it would definitely be an interesting brunch! 😉

  7. Fatimah dhai says:

    Lovely question!

    One would require a larger than life character to provide the entertainment and keep us on high spirits so my first choice would be Oprah winfrey as she is would tell intresting stories.

    I would have my mum who is late and was the most inspiring woman in the world ..she who was my hero.

    Lastly I would have my sister. We might me across the world from each other right now but she is my rock and I miss her!

    3 amazing women who have a great love for food and 1 rocking lunch. I forsee laughter.. joy at eating delicious food and lots of tears

  8. gastelum says:

    I would bring Confiucious and Mao Zedong. That would be quite a pair to see together. I’d add Leonardo da Vinci in the mix!

  9. Muralimohan Raju KLK says:

    Hi, I regularly follow your blog and it would be indeed a great pleasure to sit with you @ Nazomi if I get a chance. My ultimate crew would be my lovely wife Gayathri, My dearest friends Venkatesh and Manasa. Thank you.

  10. Gayathri kandiraju says:

    My husband Murali, my mom padmavathi and my friend Meena.

  11. David Kelly says:

    Norizah, Nureen and Zali Kelly

  12. Faheem says:

    Barack Obama, Antony Bourdain and my foodie friend Ashvin George

  13. Interesting….
    My husband Of course (He’ll be mad if I dont mention his name), John Cena ( I cant help it.. I enjoy WWE and I better he will make good conversation) and last Oprah Winfrey ( Oh I love to hear her stories and testimonies)

  14. pswdarlene says:

    Stephen Hawking, Anthony Bourdain and my foodie partner, Ahmed!

  15. Olga Krotova says:

    Oksana Quitsch, Isabel Haring , Seher Cirak

  16. SVM says:

    I would take mom, dad & bro as my ultimate brunch team. They never stop eating wallahi! 😂😂😂

  17. Katia Abboud says:

    Jack Saba Zio Saba Angelina Saba

  18. Nihan says:

    Noisome Folowed on instagram!

    My bunch crew without a doubt would be people I love to bits – my husband – H, My Doha bestie – Almas and my forever love – my son H 🙂

    Thanks for doing this – this looks amazing 🙂 🙂

  19. Aisha Aghliw says:

    Maimuna, Khaled, Sumaya

  20. Elleine Tactay says:

    1. Eunice Fernando – anything goes with my partner in crime! =P
    2. Ina Garten – the Barefoot Contessa ❤
    3. Channing Tatum – because i waaaant! ;-P

  21. TravelSonder says:

    Ok we need to be strategic with this.
    We need one interesting person with lots of stories and a matching voice you want to listen to. One funny person to keep the mood easy going, relaxed and enjoyable and finally, we need one sexy guy because… who doesn’t want a good looking guy to occasionally have a glimpse at? (Sorry not sorry 😂)
    1. David Attenborough or Morgan Freeman
    2. Louis C.K or Whoopy Goldberg
    3. James Franco or Sebastian Stan or Jamie Dorna

  22. Ksenia says:

    My lovely grandma (who is not with us anymore), as she used to enjoy all new experiences and everyone loved to be around her.
    Michael Jackson
    My husband

  23. Fazil Akhtar says:

    1. Lorelai Gilmore
    2. Noam Chomsky
    3. Daenerys Targaryen

  24. Afshan says:

    1. Barack Obama
    2. My bro hisham mom

  25. Sabeen Siddique says:

    Amir Hussain, Somiya A Kader , Asad Jaweid

  26. Ren says:

    God. Joan Rivers. Germaine Greer. We could find out what the hell God was thinking when he put men ‘in charge’. Boy would he be in for one hell of a grilling. Plus a great laugh.

    1. Hi Ren – you know you won right? DRop me a line at so we can organize our brunch on Friday!

  27. Jaci says:

    I have been away from home for a while so my 3 persons are:

    1. My auntie
    2. My mama
    3. My papa

  28. Al says:

    1. Lovely wife
    2. Lee Harvey Oswald
    3. Charlie Chaplin

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