Steak Your Claim – Win a Saturday Brunch for Two at JW’s Steakhouse

I don’t know what it is about Saturdays, but I always manage to get a lot done. Last Saturday is a great example.

I went to the gym, did the grocery shopping, shouted at my father over the phone for a while, lay around in my stretchy pants, marveled at the week of rain in Doha, went to the post office, negotiated the Spratly Islands dispute, nominated for a UN post, wrote a dissertation about Brexit and its effect on my online shopping habits*…and went to brunch at JW’s Steakhouse at the Doha Marriott.

While Friday brunches are still a thing, Saturday is the new Friday in Doha and more places, like the venerable Marriott, are offering a new, relaxed option, with a la carte menus and a less opulent and OTT vibe.

The team at the Marriott invited me to try their new-ish Saturday brunch. They didn’t have to ask me twice – I love this restaurant. With it’s comfy leather wing-backed chairs and menu with all kinds of comfort food, it’s a great option for my end of town or anyone who likes a good steak.

The brunch itself is an edited version of their greatest hits. All served a la carte when you want it. Three types of egg dishes (including a very decadent sounding dish with poached eggs, smoked salmon and avocado), a raw bar and shellfish option, salads, soups, beef and burgers plus other dishes like a rack of lamb, chicken and of course desserts. All the steak on the menu is US Certified Prime.

Old school prawn cocktail

An old school prawn cocktail was a refreshing and decadent way to start the meal. the prawns were fat and juicy and not overcooked and the cocktail sauce had just a hint of spice. Served in a martini class with a bed of iceberg lettuce – hello 1970s (in a good way!).

blog 2

I had similar old school feels for the crab cake. A golf ball sized ball stuffed with juicy freshly picked crab  and served with a remoulade.

We moved swiftly to the mains, primarily because I was VERY keen on the burger.but first I made a pit stop and ordered one of my favorite meat dishes – steak tartare. Done well, this is a thing of beauty. Yes, it’s raw meat, but quality of the steak used is the key. This version uses hand cut filet mignon, with a dash of tabasco and caperberries and cornichons on the side. My only quibble is I would have loved to be served this with some crackers or thinly sliced toast.

blog 3

Then…there was the burger.

blog 4

Yes, it’s bijoux, bite-sized even. But a lot of flavor in a couple of bites. It’s Angus beef, with an mature cheddar and crispy onions. The sauce is creamy and a little spicy. I may have ordered two. *Cough* 

We also tried the shrimp cobb salad which was afresh interlude between courses and a very tender filet mignon with a creamy perfectly judged Bernaise.

blog 5

There are, of course, desserts, but you know me well, and I ordered another burger instead of sweets.

The day we went, the restaurant was heaving – big tables of friends enjoying the food and conversation. But despite the busy dining room, the kitchen handled it well, with a nice amount of time between courses. We were a table of two and found the atmopshere fun and lively and the service excellent.

The brunch runs every Saturday from 12.30pm to 4pm and is QR390 with a solid selection of wines, beers and cocktails or QR250 with soft drinks.

The Verdict: This brunch is about fun, food and friends. It’s well executed comfort food and a chance to try one of the city’s most underrated restaurants. This is worth putting on your brunch rotation. 

Now to the the business end of proceedings – Doha Marriott has offered me a brunch for two for my readers (inclusive of soft drinks) at JW’s Steakhouse.

All you have to do is follow the instructions below and you could be chowing down on some of the best quality steaks in town:

  1. Follow me on Twitter (@lifeonthewedge) OR Instagram (@rachelannmorris
  2. Follow Doha Marriott on Instagram (@dohamarriott)
  3. AND answer this question in the comments below: What kind of beef is served at the JW’s Steakhouse

The competition closes 5pm on Friday 31 March so act quickly!

The details:

JW’s Steakhouse Brunch

Every Saturay 12.30pm to 4pm

Doha Marriott

Ras Abou Aboud St

+974-4429 8218

*Editor’s Note – some of these MAY be exaggerated.

*Life on the Wedge was a guest of the Doha Marriott for this brunch but I ate two burgers plus all the other things, so this proves the food was good.

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  1. Sheryll says:

    US Certified Prime Angus Beef 🙂

  2. Sheryll says:

    US Certified Prime Angus Beef

  3. Abi says:

    US Certified Prime!

    It’s only 8:30 am and your blog got me craving a steak or a burger now!

  4. luckilylenny says:

    US Certified Prime Angus Beef! ❤

  5. Tristy Lou (Tristan Cavanagh) says:

    US Certified Prime 😍

  6. Jemsson says:

    US Certified Prime

  7. Mairead says:

    US certified Prime Angus beef 😍 Drooling!!!!

  8. Almas says:

    US certified Prime

  9. Al says:

    US Certified Prime

  10. Majdouline Al Deweik says:

    U.S.D.A Certified Angus Beef- Prime

  11. Glenda Sera says:

    US Certified Prime

  12. Karl Pantaleon Cadorna says:

    US Certified Prime

    *meat sweats* (hoping to win this time)

  13. elljayy says:

    US Certified Prime

  14. Simon Trillo says:

    US certified prime

    1. Hey Alan! Congrats you were drawn as the winner of this competition! Pop me an email at or I will tweet you!

  15. Siham says:

    US certified prime

  16. Pauline Miranda says:

    US Certified Prime Angus Beef

  17. Jill Orchard says:

    US Certified Prime

  18. joyce anne talabong says:

    US Certified Prime

  19. US Certified Prime Angus Beef

  20. Ruth says:

    US Certified Prime Angus Beef 🙂

  21. Brian says:

    US Certified Prime

  22. Lisa says:

    US certified Prime Angus beef

  23. Mumtaz says:


  24. Krittaya Vuthipramote says:

    US Certified Prime Angus Beef
    Please! Please! Please!
    For my husband’s birthday celebration

  25. dlmarks says:

    US certified prime Angus beef

  26. Sherwin Bercasio says:

    US certified Prime Angus Beef

    Hope to win this contest

  27. Neha M says:

    US certified Prime Angus Beef

  28. Mudassir Balbale says:

    US Certified Prime Angus Beef

  29. US Certified Prime Angus Beef

  30. US Certified Prime Angus Beef

  31. Steve Rich says:

    US Certified Prime

  32. Fazil Akhtar says:

    US Certified Prime Angus Beef, now I want some XD

  33. Hina Ansari says:

    They serve ‘ US Certified Prime Angus Beef’ at JW Steakhouse

  34. artistista says:

    US Certified Prime Angus Beef

  35. artistista says:

    They serve ‘ US Certified Prime Angus Bee

  36. artistista says:

    They serve US Certified Prime Angus Beef

  37. Fatima ameer says:

    US Certified Prime Angus Beef

  38. jeansusan says:

    US prime Angus beef

  39. jeansusan says:

    US Certified Prine Angus beef

  40. jeansusan says:

    US Certified Prime Angus Beef

  41. Jaci says:

    US Certified Prime Angus Beef

  42. Jessica Goenawan says:

    US Certified Prime

  43. ayesha says:

    us certified prime

  44. Sigh C. says:

    US Certified Prime Angus Beef

  45. elsa.12145 says:

    US Certified Prime Angus Beef..
    AFL sports News

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