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A Pizza My Heart – Six Great Home Delivery Restaurants in Doha

Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t eat out every night. My natural state is at home, on the couch, with AZ arguing over my apparently inexplicable love of reality TV.

So truth is, I am, in fact, a bit of a homebody. I love to cook, but sometimes, after a long and complicated day or week in the Vineyard of Truth, I am partial to a takeaway. And with Doha’s natural traffic state as being in No Man’s Land between Carmageddon and Carpocalypse at any given time, any restaurant that can delivery tasty, hot and delicious food to me without me hollering my location, is going to be a winner.

Both Kababs&Kurries and Mainland China have just started home delivery services, which could be game changers for those who love quality food but I am yet to try their service.

In a very crowded field, these are my “go-to” places (which also deliver to my area), that is, I order from them regularly and they always deliver in terms of flavor and value.

Own Pizza is  new and fabulous find for me. They allow you to customize your pizza and unlike some other brands, their base is crisp and not overly doughy and soggy. They communicate via whatsapp which takes the guess work out of finding my place. working on blogger and foodie recommendations, we ordered a pizza with grilled veggies and added pepperoni and extra cheese. It arrived hot and the cheese gooey. This will be on high rotatation.

Pizza qatar food blog
A pizza my heart at OWN Pizza

Sometimes you just crave a good mixed grill. Remman Cafe is a fairly new entrant on the home delivery front, but I think it will become a cult classic. Firstly, it’s take on Lebanese food is fresh and well executed. Secondly….they are open 24 hours. Yep. 24 hour delivery. Seriously. I can recommend their mixed grill and their hommus with meat (which in less deft hands can be weird and greasy but is well balanced here) as well as their crunchy and fluffy falafel.

mixed grill life on the wedge food blog doha
Grilled and delicious

Another dependable early riser is Sabah w Masa which has saved me at brekfast more times than I choose to admit. I love their batata harra (spicy potatoes) as well as their kafta wrap sandwiches (stuffed with meat, tahini and veggies). Ask for dressing on the side for their great fattoush (topped with handfuls of crunchy toasted bread) so it doesn’t get soggy.

potatoes sabah
Carb loading thanks to Sabah w Masa

Ahhhh Three Peppers, the original and still the best Chinese takeaway in Doha. Sure, ordering can be a bit hit and miss if calling in for yourself, but it’s worth the charades. Steaming containers of fried and steamed dumplings and a deliciously old school sweet and sour chicken are regular favorites for me. But the menu is extensive and also offers some more unusual delicacies like stir fried Morning Glory with garlic, a wintry lamb with cumin and shrimp with Chinese tea. Perfect for a Friday night Netflix marathon.

dumplings chinese qatar
Three peppers never disappoints

My love of Nandos is well known and I would be seriously remiss not to include them on this list. Always dependable, always delcious and always friendly. Also, it’s not just about chicken. I recently discovered their Steak Prego burger, and it’s seriously delicious (especially with added cheese).

Cheeky Nandos
Nandos isn’t just about chicken

Finally, it wouldn’t be a home delivery list in Qatar without an Indian option.  Tandoor Express has branches around the country and is always dependable in terms of quality and speedy delivery. As the name suggests, their tandoori chicken and other meats are their specialties and you can’t go wrong sticking to these. I always go for their chicken tikka zaffrani – tender marinated bonless chicken thighs, spiked with saffron. Honestly, in all the years I have ordered this dish, I have never been disappointed.  Their breads (paneer kulcha – bread stuffed with cheese) are also winners.

Winter is approaching and so are the opportunities for cosy nights in. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but they are my tried and tested favorites. Let me know yours in the comments below.

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