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Taking the Burgeri Bus

It’s been a complicated week and I was feeling a little down in the dumps about life in general last night on my way home from an event.

But as I turned off Airport Road onto D Ring road (after abusing a guy in a Toyota Corolla and nearly being sideswiped by a FJ Cruiser), I saw some lights twinkling in the distance.

Thinking it was most post-Lasik surgery mirage I ignored it…until I realized this shimmering apparition was in fact real. A food truck. In Matar Qadeem. Not much happens in my neighborhood – a tree in my street blew down in a storm a couple of years ago and there is the occasional wedding.

There, in the dusty vacant block behind the Family Food Center, shining like a beacon of foodie hope (and brighter than the dodgy neon sign at Tandoor) was the Burgeri Food Truck.

burger 1

The Burgeri burger Truck is Doha’s first food truck and is an offshoot of the popular restaurant in Aspire Park. I must admit I hadn’t tried their burger yet, but I was hungry. And frankly what kind of real food blogger would I be to have this gem in my neighborhood and not take advantage?

So I literally swerved the Kia around the U turn at the Lulu signal, possibly knocking a few eyes out in the process and headed to the dusty lot, negotiating abandoned cars and the odd stray cat…

It was a very Doha experience. Unlike most hipster food trucks, you don’t have to leave your car. you roll up, a guy takes your order and you park. Five minutes later my burger, fries and diet coke were delivered to my window. they even had a card machine.

burger 2

the menu is small but covers the bases – Angus beef burgers, a wagyu burger, loaded hotdogs, fries and shakes. I went for a basic B Special burger with Angus beef, cheese, pickles, lettuce, red onion and tomatoes and special sauce (you can order single or double patties). I added cheese fries to the order.

Honestly I was surprised – it was a legitimately tasty American style burger. The bun was soft and the beef itself actually flavorsome. The Burgeri sauce was like crack and I could have done with a vat of that for my fries (and maybe everything elese). The fries could have done with a dusting of salt but the cheese sauce was gooey and just right.

burger 3

It was gone in a few bites. For QR50 for the lot (including a drink), it was a good value late-night pit stop.

The food truck is touring around the country and has been to Al Wakra, Al Khor and other places as well events and locations around the city of Doha. you can follow them on Instagram for latest updates and locations @burgeridoha

Catch it if you can – I know I will be.



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