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    Five Places in Doha to For an After Work Drink That Also Serve Great Food

    Most days at work (yes, I DO have a day job), around 1pm-ish, my office colleague Penny and I have an important and in depth conversation about what we will be eating for dinner that night…or where we will be eating. Often we trade advice and experiences about where to eat after work, when we just can’t bring ourselves to create another kitchen masterpiece. Whether it’s catching up with co-workers, friends or your significant other, an afterwork drink is great to take the edge off. But nothing beats a great meal to go with it. So, I searched the city for some of the best options for after work sustenance.…

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    Taking the Burgeri Bus

    It’s been a complicated week and I was feeling a little down in the dumps about life in general last night on my way home from an event. But as I turned off Airport Road onto D Ring road (after abusing a guy in a Toyota Corolla and nearly being sideswiped by a FJ Cruiser), I saw some lights twinkling in the distance. Thinking it was most post-Lasik surgery mirage I ignored it…until I realized this shimmering apparition was in fact real. A food truck. In Matar Qadeem. Not much happens in my neighborhood – a tree in my street blew down in a storm a couple of years ago…

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    Swings and Roundabouts – Roadside Dining Omani Style

    My ertswhile traveling companion, life coach and general man about town GF has a theory about popular cafes. He reckons that the most successful cafes in places like Australia and the Middle East all share one single unifying characteristic – they all look out onto a car park. In my experience this theory has some validity, especially in the Middle East. Whether it be the proximity to parking, the convenience or the general ability to people watch, I’m not sure. But it does have some basis in reality. With this in mind, on a cool Muscat evening, I coaxed GF out of the relative warmth and safety of his apartment…