12 Cheeses of Christmas – Festive Goats Cheese

OK I know I am a couple of days late starting this venture but the spirit is there.

I was doing a Saturday smash and grab at Monoprix and saw this little festive beauty.

Festive goatyness
Festive goatyness

It’s a lovely and fresh round of creamy goat cheese (called a crottin) rolled in red peppercorns and topped of course with a festive (fake) holly sprig. It’s amazing how something as simple as peppercorns and a splash of red can make a humble hunk of cheese so Christmasy.

Ho ho ho
Ho ho ho

Goat cheese is my go-to (see what I did there) cheese but even among my cheese loving friends it is divisive. Some people find the aroma and distinctive taste a little overwhelming. I find it a bit lemony, but can see how it may sting some people’s palates.

As I said, I’m a little late starting this, two days behind in fact. Don’t worry, I have a couple up my sleeve already.


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