Rocky Road with Rambol

Yes, I know I have been quiet this week. I mean come on people, I made a Turkey our of cheese last weekend. I needed a rest.

This week the Four Seasons Doha invited me to their French Wine Fair where suppliers come and showcase their wines. For me this also means some great cheese.


As expected there was a great selection of European cheese including this great parmesan with aged balsamic vinegar. If you haven’t tried this, when aged, balsamic takes on a sweeter edge.


They also had a surprising cheese for me. Rambol is a well known cheesemaker from France. This cheese included layers of crushed and pureed walnuts. A creamy white cheese as its base, it was like a taste of Autumn (in December). Rambol also make a great smoked cheese which I haven’t been able to track down here yet.


Rest assured dear readers, I have recovered from my post turkey making stupor.

* Four Seasons Doha hold regular wine and food events. You can keep up to date by following them on @FSDoha or their website

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