My (Goat Cheese) Tart Will Go On

Remember Cher’s character in Mermaids? Where she only fed her kids cocktail snacks for dinner?

Shake it up
Shake it up

That is my idea of heaven. I love a cocktail bite, at any time of the day. This could be because of simple maths, small bites don’t have as many calories right? Being of socialite tendencies, I am an expert in the field of food on a stick or in a napkin.

And if it can incorporate cheese into that equation, heaven awaits.


The following morsels were served to me at a recent drinks function at Grand Hyatt Doha

Creamy goat cheese tartlette
Creamy goat cheese tartlette

The creamy goats cheese tart was literally coin sized and the pastry on the right side of short. The cheese itself had been whipped then baked so it had set.

Arancini ball with mozzarella and parmesan
Arancini ball with mozzarella and parmesan

The arancini ball, a favorite of mine, is the ultimate combination of carbs, cheese and deep frying. This one had parmesan and mozzarella and was deep fried to perfection.

These two bites prove that cheese can actually improve any social situation.

Now back to Cher…


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